Do You Need a Concrete Garage Foundation?

Is it imperative to pour a concrete garage foundation to support your new outbuilding? That’s one of the most common questions from homeowners interested in building a new storage space.

While for sheds, a concrete foundation is optional most of the time, a garage foundation is essential. It’s best to plan for pouring a concrete garage foundation before you begin building.

Consider the Size and the Function

The purpose of a garage foundation is to support the structural integrity of the building. It may seem like an extra step, but ensuring that you’re building the garage on a solid foundation will prevent countless problems, and help the new garage will last for years to come.

Think about the main reasons you need a garage. Depending on the amount of space you need and what you’ll be storing on the concrete platform, you may need to adjust your building plans.

If you plan on using the garage as a workspace, make sure you will have storage space and enough room for your cars. If you will be parking heavy SUVs and trucks on the concrete pad, you may need a thicker platform than the standard size.

Site Preparation

The first step in any building project, including the pouring of a concrete garage foundation, is to get permit approval from the local building inspector’s office. You may need professional, engineered drawings of your building plans that take into account any nearby water and gas lines.

Once you have permit approval, your contractor will dig trenches and install footings. They may also use rebar in the foundation design to add more support to the final product. Once the foundation’s framing is in place, compacted sand or gravel is usually spread to provide a firm surface for the concrete.

Your contractor may also suggest installing a vapor barrier over the sand or gravel, which is designed to keep moisture out of your garage.

Make Sure Concrete Mix Matches Local Code Requirements

Once it’s time to pour the concrete, it’s essential to double-check the quality of the mix.

Concrete with excess water is easier to pour and spread, but it’s not as strong, and local building code often dictates minimum requirements for concrete mixtures to ensure stability. Make sure the concrete used for your garage foundation meets these requirements, and is designed to provide the right support for the building’s intended purposes.

The Curing Process

A smart contractor treats curing with the same importance as every other stage of the project. Make sure you follow their instructions, keeping the surface of the slab moist if needed as the concrete cures.

Once you have a secure garage foundation, it’s time to start the exciting process of building your custom garage. From start to finish, A-Shed USA provides exceptional shed and garage building services, including concrete slab installation. Contact us for a free quote today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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