Building a New Garage? You Want These 5 Design Features

A new garage adds to your home value and boosts curb appeal instantly. But when you’re investing in a new garage, you’re not only making a smart financial decision, you’re also adding storage space and extra square footage to pursue your hobbies.

Your new garage design matters. Don’t spend a lot of money only to discover design flaws later on that you wish you could change.

Here are five features that to prioritize when you’re putting together your new garage design:

Attic Space

If the roof is constructed with standard trusses, you will have no additional storage space above. Consider paying a little extra for storage or attic trusses.

Attic trusses make it possible for the entire upper room to be finished, providing even more useable square footage. At the very least, you will have extra space to stack your boxes of holiday decorations and family keepsakes.

An Extra Door

If your new garage is attached, you know you will have a door leading into the home. You also will have a wide garage door to fit your car inside.

But think about the benefits of adding yet another door that leads to your back yard. You can use this door to bring out gardening supplies without having to open your entire garage.

Natural Light

Questioning the need for windows in a garage? You will be happy if you invest in extra windows, especially on the wall adjacent to your work area. Natural light makes working in your garage a more inviting task and it helps you cut down on electricity costs.

Extra Square Footage

Don’t skimp on the dimensions. Think about the space you will need to open your car door once you park inside. Leaving at least five feet on either side of the parked car makes it easy for you to swing the door open without worrying about hitting stored items along the garage wall.

Additional Power Outlets

Think about all the items that will need electrical power, from power tools to pressure washers. Make sure your plans are in line with local electrical code, but try to position an outlet at least every six feet. You will be able to reduce the need for power strips and lower your risk of fire. Each outlet should be equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Building a garage is an exciting prospect, and you deserve only the best. Trust A-Shed USA to help you prioritize the design features you want and turn your dream into a reality. Call today and get started on designing the new garage you’ve always wanted.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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