Barn Sheds

Why is the Barn style a great option for your next shed?

Storage– You simply cannot get the volume of storage from any other roof / ceiling than the “Gambrel” style truss of the barn. They are designed specifically with installing a loft in mind to allow storage above, and not disrupt function below.

Function– Barns often times provide the feeling of two sheds for the price of one. Many people like the idea of having storage on possibly two levels. Large, bulky or tall storage items fit comfortably in this very open and spacious building.

Wall Height & Sizes– Depending on your storage needs, the Barn comes in multiple wall heights (6’9” Tall Barn – 7’9” Super Barn- 9’9” Mega Barn). Considering your needs for storage, the Barn comes in multiple sizes to accommodate your specific situation.

Country Rustic Charm– Sometimes the Barn is more desirable for the look rather than purely for storage. Whether you live in the city, out in the country, or maybe you just want that classic Barn look, to enhance the scenery in your backyard. Bring on the Charm!

Customizable– The possibilities to create your ideal barn, from adding extra doors on any wall, to including overhangs, to color options, lofting area, or windows, etc., your choices are endless. Bring your imagination, and let us help you build your custom Barn.

storage garages salt lake citystorage garages salt lake city


A-Shed stays at the top of the shed building industry in materials and craftsmanship. Others may tell you that lesser materials or lesser quality is just fine for “Sheds” but DON’T believe it. We replace lesser sheds every year with the shed people wished they had purchased the first time. Think you may need to move or relocate your shed down the road? Trust us, we’ve moved our share and lesser sheds simply don’t measure up. With the Ten Year Warranty we provide, we must use the best material and the best building practices. Any Size shed we build is permittable and exceeds building code requirements. We truly feel if there were better materials to use when building your shed or a better way to build it, we would already be using them or doing it.

Barn Buildings include:

  • 2”x6” 16 gauge galvanized steel foundation. (40 Yr. Warranty)
  • Superior ¾” tongue & groove OSB flooring
  • 4’x6’2” metal framed door with powder coated frame
  • Commercial grade stainless steel keyed locking handle
  • Diamond plate threshold
  • LP SmartSide Siding (50 Yr. Manufacturer Warranty)
  • LP SmartSide Trim (50 Yr. Manufacturer Warranty)
  • Lifetime architectural shingle over 15# Roofing Felt
  • Superior 7/16 OSB roof decking
  • Baked enamel drip edge
  • Interlocking double top plates on all 4 Walls
  • 2”x4” framing 16” O.C. for superior strength
  • Superior shed rafters built with steel truss plates


warranty_seal10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY A-SHED, INC. warrants to the original purchaser that the A-SHED product is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service within ten (10) years from the date of installation to the original buyer. Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or exchange of any paint or parts of your A-SHED product which our examination shall disclose to our satisfaction to be defective. In order for this warranty to be valid, all siding must be painted within ninety (90) days of installation (proof of paint purchase required). A-SHED, Inc. shall not be liable for any installation or re-installation cost or for the natural characteristics of some wood to split, warp or twist. A-SHED does not warranty concrete against spawling, pitting or cracking. THE WARRANTIES SET FORTH HEREIN ARE EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE. A-SHED INC. DOES NOT ASSUME AND DOES NOT AUTHORIZE ANY OTHER PERSON TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY OTHER LIABILITY IN CONNECTION WITH TTHE SALE OF THIS A-SHED PRODUCT. THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY TO ANY A-SHED PRODUCT OR ANY PART THERE OF WHICH HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO MISUSE, ALTERATION NEGLIGENCE OR ACCIDENT OR WHICH HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY ANY ACT OF GOD OR VANDALISM OR THEFT OR OTHER EVENT WHICH IS CUSTOMARILY COVERED BY HOME OWNERS INSURANCE. THE BUYER SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF THE RESPECTIVE MANUFACTURES OF MATERIALS WHICH EXCEED A-SHED WARRANTY ( BUYER MEANS ORIGINAL PERSON TO WHOME THE A-SHED PRODUCT WAS INSTALLED. ) The buyer acknowledges that no other representations were made to or relied upon by him or her with respect to the quality or functions of the goods herein sold.

A-Shed Accessory Options


Show prices for: Denver | Salt Lake City


Tall Barn, 6’9” wall Height
6’x6’ $  1,595.00
6’x8’ $  1,865.00
6’x10’ $  2,125.00
6’x12’ $  2,335.00
8’x8’ $  2,190.00
8’x10’ $  2,475.00
8’x12’ $  2,695.00
8’x14’ $  3,030.00
8’x16’ *$  3,225.00
10’x10’ $  2,905.00
10’x12’ $  3,195.00
*Below Prices include Sales Tax*
10’x14’ $  3,630.00
10’x16’ $  3,955.00
10’x20’ $  4,590.00
12’x12’ $  3,900.00
12’x16’ $  4,645.00
12’x20’ $  5,400.00
12’x24’ $  6,105.00
12’x28’ $  6,865.00
12’x32’ $  7,630.00

Super Barn, 7’9” wall Height
6’x6’ NA
6’x8’ NA
6’x10’ NA
6’x12’ NA
8’x8’ $  2,410.00
8’x10’ $  2,695.00
8’x12’ $  2,915.00
8’x14’ $  3,250.00
8’x16’ *$  3,445.00
10’x10’ $  3,180.00
10’x12’ $  3,540.00
*Below Prices include Sales Tax*
10’x14’ $  3,985.00
10’x16’ $  4,435.00
10’x20’ $  5,155.00
12’x12’ $  4,430.00
12’x16’ $  5,210.00
12’x20’ $  6,005.00
12’x24’ $  6,860.00
12’x28’ $  7,880.00
12’x32’ $  8,720.00

Salt Lake City

Tall Barn, 6’9” wall Height
6’x6’ $  1,585.00
6’x8’ $  1,860.00
6’x10’ $  2,115.00
6’x12’ $  2,325.00
8’x8’ $  2,185.00
8’x10’ $  2,465.00
8’x12’ $  2,685.00
8’x14’ $  3,020.00
8’x16’ $  3,215.00
10’x10’ $  2,895.00
10’x12’ $  3,185.00
*Below Prices include Sales Tax*
10’x14’ $  3,620.00
10’x16’ $  3,945.00
10’x18’ $  4,580.00
10’x20’ $  4,580.00
12’x12’ $  3,885.00
12’x16’ $  4,630.00
12’x20’ $  5,385.00
12’x24’ $  6,085.00
12’x28’ $  6,845.00
12’x32’ $  7,610.00

Super Barn, 7’9” wall Height
6’x6’ NA
6’x8’ NA
6’x10’ NA
6’x12’ NA
8’x8’ $  2,645.00
8’x10’ $  2,955.00
8’x12’ $  3,245.00
8’x14’ $  3,560.00
8’x16’ $  3,770.00
10’x10’ $  3,395.00
10’x12’ $  3,705.00
*Below Prices include Sales Tax*
10’x14’ $  3,980.00
10’x16’ $  4,315.00
10’x20’ $  5,015.00
12’x12’ $  4,305.00
12’x16’ $  5,260.00
12’x20’ $  6,115.00
12’x24’ $  7,045.00
12’x28’ $  7,875.00
12’x32’ $  8,715.00