Do You Need a Building Permit for a New Shed?

Applying for a building permit isn’t difficult, but it adds another step to the shed-building process — a step that may require additional time on your part.


But before you spend time gathering documentation for your building permit, find out if you even need it. If you do, determine what zoning standards you will have to follow so you can design your shed accordingly.

Typical Zoning Standards

Every community has its own building code. While building codes are similar from county to county, certain details may be different, depending on where you live.

Here are some of the common restrictions you’ll find when it comes to designing a shed:

1. Electricity: If you want electricity in your new shed, you will likely need a building permit.
2. Size: You may face size restrictions, depending on the code standards in your town, or if they take up too much yard space. You also may be required to use a certain type of foundation.
3. Intended use: If you plan on using your new shed for business or for living space, you will need to meet additional standards in order for it to pass inspection.
4. Position: You may not have final say over where your shed goes, because some building code standards limit how close it can be to your property line and other buildings.

Duck the Building Permit Process? Not Worth It.

Are you thinking about skipping the permit process because you want to avoid the hassle and any frustration? That’s not a good idea.

Even if the building code seems strict for no apparent reason, it’s still the law. You could be fined if you don’t get a building permit before erecting a new shed, or worse, you may have to pay to move the shed and modify it until it meets legal standards.

How to Apply

Call your town’s building department. You will most likely have to fill out an application, pay a filing fee, submit plans for your new shed and include a plot map. Every town has its own application process, so it’s best to go directly to the source to get the details.

Research Your Local Building Code

When you work with A-Shed USA, we help you determine whether you need a building permit. We help you with the application process and make sure every step is taken care of before we proceed. Call today to find out about our shed building options, and find a style that you love.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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