When a Detached Garage Makes Sense 

Detached garages offers unique advantages to those looking for a storage and workspace solution. Many of the benefits of an attached garage, such as proximity to the home, can be drawbacks, depending on local code regulations and how noisy your work will be inside the garage. Below are a few situations where a detached garage will likely be a better fit than an attached one.

When You Need More Freedom Over Where it Goes

If zoning laws don’t allow for a garage built on the side of your home, don’t be disappointed. You can probably still build a detached garage, depending on the size of your plot and local code regulations.

Sometimes homeowners would rather have a detached building simply because they prefer having more control over where it goes. You can put it at the end of your driveway, or you can build it at an angle, depending on what you prefer both functionally and aesthetically.

When You Need Space Due to Noise

Will you be hammering and sawing away inside your garage workspace? Will you be setting up a drum kit and inviting your band over?

You might want to consider separating the building from the home so you don’t alienate the other members of your family. Echoes from inside the garage can quickly become a nuisance, but one that is avoided when choosing a detached build.

When You Want to Easily Add a Second Floor

It’s much easier to add a second floor to a detached garage versus one that is attached. If you want to someday add an apartment or game room above your garage, set yourself up for success now and go with detached.

When You Want a Design That Doesn’t Clash with Your Home

Are you interested in building a garage, but aren’t a fan of the way attached garages affect a home’s curb appeal? Would you rather choose a different style for your garage than for your home? Make it a detached project and you won’t have any issues with design clashes.

Don’t Forget!

When building a detached garage, make sure you take into account all potential security concerns. Ensure there are internal locks on each door and consider extending your home’s alarm system to the garage, especially if you’ll be storing items of value inside. You should also make sure the space is fully insulated, especially if you plan on using it for living quarters in the future.

A-Shed USA can manage your detached garage build from beginning to end, so you’re 110 percent satisfied with the result. Ready to take the next step? Get a quote for your project today — call now.

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