Attached or Detached Garage?

Would an attached or detached garage be better for your needs?

You know you need a garage — that’s a start. Making a commitment to invest in extra space is the first step.

But deciding between attached or detached doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem. You just need to ask yourself the right questions.

How Will You Use Your New Space?

Think about the reason you need a garage. Is your basement storage area overflowing? Do you need a work area for your projects? Are you tired of running through the rain and snow to reach your front door?

Making the Case for an Attached Building

First, think about all the advantages an attached garage has to offer. Since it’s connected to your home, you don’t have to walk outside to reach your vehicle. It’s easy to move items into your attached space for storage purposes, and to access those items when you need to.

You are likely to save money on HVAC and electrical costs because it’s easier to hook up an attached garage. And you’ll pay a little less for materials, since you have at least one wall already in place.

Still, consider all the factors involved. It’s usually more expensive to get permits to modify existing structures. Also, an attached garage has the potential to pose a security threat. If a burglar breaks into the garage, only one door separates them from you and your family.

Finally, if you plan on storing chemicals and paint in your garage, having it attached to your home could be a health or fire hazard.

Is a Detached Building the Better Option?

A detached garage doesn’t shelter you from the elements while you walk to your vehicle, but it still keeps your car dry. It gives you the extra storage you need — maybe even more than an attached garage can.

It’s common to use upper level or loft space in a detached garage for a living area or added storage. It also cuts down on home security risks, and keeps harmful chemical odors from infiltrating your living areas. Essentially, it resolves many of the concerns you may have about an attached garage.

It could cost a little more to run electricity to your new building, but you have a much greater potential for growth. It’s easier to expand a detached garage. If you want a work area, the main house won’t be bothered by the noise.

Lot Size Is a Major Factor

Your decision will be heavily influenced by lot size. It may be physically impossible to add a garage on either side of your home, making a detached building necessary. On the other hand, if you have the space for an attached garage and don’t want to take square footage away from your lawn, attached may be the right choice.

What Will Fit Your Home’s Style?

Think about what will fit with your home and neighborhood’s style. Either an attached or detached garage will add considerable value to your property — it’s a smart investment. Call A-Shed USA today for advice on which option is best for you.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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