Unique Benefits of a J-Series Custom Shed

Choosing to purchase a custom shed gives you the freedom to dictate the details. This includes color, exterior and interior design, shape, size, materials and accessories. Classic storage sheds — which are also available custom-made — are efficient and durable, but if you want that extra stylish flair or personal touch, consider a J-Series custom-made shed from A-Shed USA.

When you choose A-Shed to create your custom shed, you get so much more than simple storage space. We provide the most budget-friendly and efficient construction process available. Every custom building lives up to its name, uniquely designed to your exact dimensions and style.

If you’re in the market for a new shed or upgrade, below are some reasons to consider a J-Series shed.

J-Series Sheds Are Fully Customizable

The J-Series goes one step further than the average custom shed by being fully customizable.

Some particularly imaginative J-Series structures have included weekend cabins, backyard offices, playhouses and more. So don’t hesitate to share your custom ideas with us — we want to hear your creative suggestions and design ideas so that we can make your dream shed a reality.

Aside from the customizations, why do customers choose J-Series sheds? The unique style doesn’t often end up looking like a shed, which is a huge plus for many style-conscious clients who aren’t thrilled with the idea of a barn-style shed in their backyard.

Additionally, people opt for these sheds because with the increase of the roof pitch and higher walls, these buildings have a much roomier feel to them. This means that when you’re inside, you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling many smaller sheds create.

Custom Sheds Provide More Accessories & Features

J-Series sheds are some of our most popular structures. Custom features like roof pitch, shingles, paint colors and exterior surfaces aren’t a problem for us.

J-Series sheds combine the most popular extra features requested by clients who want a budget-friendly package.

The package typically includes:

  • Taller walls and steeper trusses

  • Radiant barrier material in trusses

  • Coated flooring

  • Ridge venting

  • Larger boxed overhangs, eaves, and gables

  • Three configuration options

Additional customizable features and accessories include:

  • More venting options

  • Double doors (6 feet and 8 feet)

  • Windows available in other sizes

  • Ramps (8 by 30 inches)

  • Lofting (standard and drop)

  • Shelving (16 and 24 inches)

  • Many exterior options including brick, linoleum, shingles and more

A-Shed USA’s Guarantee

Our team of professional experts is ready to make your custom design a reality. Each structure we build comes with a 10-year warranty as a reminder of our loyalty. Call us today to get started!

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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