Designing a Shed? Add These Upgrades.

Designing a shed is exciting. You get to pick out the size, style and colors of your new outbuilding.

Maybe you’ve decided to build a shed to house your garden tools, or maybe you’d like a workshop separate from your garage. Whatever the reason, your new shed will be handy and convenient when you add these upgrades to the final plans.

Entryway Options

Are you going to use your shed to store your lawn-care equipment? Think about your entryway. Designing a shed with double doors will allow you to fit wider items inside, such as a ride-on mower, tractor or even a wide wheelbarrow.

Think about adding a ramp to the design. It will make loading and unloading your bulky lawnmower that much easier.

Storage Solutions

Constructing storage space right away means you don’t have to wait — you can immediately load all of your gear into the shed right after it’s built. Work with an experienced builder on designing a shed that accommodates all of your storage needs.

For example, built-in shelves are sturdier — perfect for heavy items. Adding loft space is a significant contribution to the available square footage you can use for storage as well.

Lots of Lighting

Don’t spend so much time thinking about storage that you forget about functionality. Your shed won’t be usable as a workspace unless you plan ahead and think about lighting.

Adding windows to the building plan lets in natural light, but you could also consider wiring your shed. Not only would this allow you to have light, you could also plug in tools or a fan without having to run an extension cord from your home.

Relaxation Space

The thought of a shed might make you picture a dusty, dark room where you stuff all the items that don’t fit anywhere else in your house. In reality, your shed can be much more than that.

It could be a space where you go to escape the activity in your home, especially if you have a comfortable place out there to sit and relax. You can build a shed with a porch or patio attached, and an overhang to guard against the weather. Put inviting lawn chairs out front, swing open the double wide doors and plug in your stereo.

A combination of thoughtful design upgrades can turn your new outbuilding into your main area to unwind.

Don’t limit your vision. Contact A-Shed USA for creative assistance in designing a shed that’s perfect for your yard, your needs and your wants.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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