Should You Build a Shed Loft? 

A shed loft is a smart addition to your project plans. Think about all that space that would otherwise go to waste! A shed loft can give you extra flexibility and additional storage solutions, and the buildings we construct at A-Shed USA fit the bill.


Thoughtful Planning Is Always Key

The planning stage of any build is the most important part of the project. You’ve probably already considered where you’d like your shed to go. You have already thought about the dimensions you want the building to be based on your expectations of storage space. Maybe you’ve even obtained the permits you need.

But it’s key to plan the interior layout as well. Where will your tool bench go? Where will you put your seasonal decorations? When all these issues are solved before the first board is nailed, you have a greater chance of achieving satisfaction from the finished product.

Below are some of the top reasons we recommend going with a shed loft when designing your new outbuilding.

A Dual-Purpose Building Offers a Greater ROI

When you build a shed for storage, it’s easy for your items to take over the space. If boxes start piling up, you may quickly forget that you have usable square footage with the potential for something more.

A shed loft helps clearly delineate which area is meant for storage and which part of the space is for other uses. You can set up a work area and still have room for all the items you need to store — just put them up in the loft instead of on the floor. When you can use your shed for more than storage, you see a greater return on your investment from a functional standpoint.

Organized Storage Is Better Than Just Storage

Your new shed adds a significant amount of storage space, but this might not be as beneficial once you let stored items take over. A shed loft provides the built-in organization you need to make sure you maximize every square inch of storage and keep it organized. What’s the point of storing something if you can never find it? A loft can help mitigate this problem.

Get Options at A-Shed USA

At A-Shed USA, you’ll find we have a range of shed loft additions you can add to your new outbuilding blueprint. Add the space you need — we fill orders quickly, so it’s just a matter of time until you reach a new level of organization. Call A-Shed USA today!

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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