Easy Shed Renovations for a Fast Transformation

Do you have shed renovations in mind? You don’t have to let spiders and cobwebs take over — you can make your shed beautiful and functional. It’s just going to take some work.

Try some basic shed renovations to renew your outdated outbuilding.

Clean It!

First things first — it’s time for some long overdue shed cleaning. Take everything out of your shed and power wash the inside. Wash windows and sweep out the dark corners. Cleaning is an essential step in reclaiming this space.

While all your items are outside of the four walls, take a close look at what you’re storing inside and why. Try to get rid of items you’re never going to use again and give away your extras. When you have less to put back, it’s easier to do in an organized, sensible fashion.

New Paint and Hardware

Next, sprucing up the outside of your shed will make a huge difference, and it starts with paint. Strip the wood and reseal it with a protective coating to block out moisture and stand up to the elements. Not only will your shed look vibrant, it will be less susceptible to rot. You can paint metal too to guard against rust.

You know that rusty handle and those squeaky old hinges? You don’t have to keep them forever. Replace the hardware and further enhance the shed’s curb appeal — plus the door will open more smoothly.

Make it Useful

Your shed can serve as the backdrop for a relaxing patio. Construct a simple wood platform along one side of the shed and set up your reclining lawn chairs. It’s the perfect way to dress up the shed and make it look like it belongs in your yard — it has a purpose besides storage.

Add Lighting

Part of the reason you probably avoid your shed is because it’s a dark, dingy place — who would want to hang out there?

You can fix that easily. All you need to do is purchase bright lighting fixtures from your local home improvement store and switch out that swinging light bulb. Have a local electrician run a light switch to the doorway so you don’t have to pull a chain, and it’ll be easier to find what you need.

Do You Need a Pro?

Are shed renovations getting the best of you? Are you realizing no renovation could possibly save your dilapidated old garden shed? You have options — A-Shed USA can replace your shed for an affordable price. Call us today for a free estimate.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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