Shed Organization: 4 Helpful Tips

The prospect of shed organization might make you want to cringe. You should tackle that cluttered, messy garden shed, but you’d rather have a nice, relaxing weekend.

Even though it doesn’t sound like an exciting way to spend a Saturday, implementing these shed organization techniques will make your shed functional again, and this time it will stay clean for months — maybe years — to come.

Why Should You Make Shed Organization a Priority?

Every time you start a home improvement project, you end up having to buy some tools and supplies all over again because you can’t find the ones you have.

You go in your garden shed when you get inspired to work on your flower beds, but then you may just leave, disenchanted by the mess.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Shed organization can help save you money because you won’t need to buy items you already own. And it can help sustain your vision for your home and yard, furthering your projects instead of dragging you down.

Here are four key shed organization steps that can help you:

1. Take Inventory

Take everything out of your crowded shed and inventory it.

Sort all the tools, seeds and supplies. If you have two of any item, consider giving one away or selling it.

Look at what’s left. If you have items you think you won’t use any in the next few years, it’s better to get rid of them now to make space for what you actually need. Just by removing
extraneous tools, you could be well on your way to ultimate shed organization.

2. Clean the Entire Shed

You can’t implement organization in a dirty space, and most garden sheds need at least some cleaning. Dust away the cobwebs, wash the windows and sweep the floor. Once you have an open, clean space, you will be able to clearly visualize a plan for the next phase of shed organization.

3. Organize by Season

It makes the most sense to group the items in your shed according to season. It makes life easier when you know you can find your snow shovel next to your skis.

Also, the items you use only once per year should be the least accessible, while the items you use most should be within arm’s reach for maximum functionality. Store your holiday decorations in the back or in the rafters. Keep your wrench and screwdriver on a tool bench near the entrance.

4. Use the Walls and Ceiling

Don’t just stack box upon box — install pegboard on the walls and hooks on the ceiling. You can hang bicycles from a vaulted shed ceiling. You can hang almost everything else on pegboard.

Use your imagination and don’t give up — you can have an organized space with only an afternoon of hard work. If you find that shed organization is pointless because your outbuilding is decaying and decrepit, it might be time to talk to A-Shed USA, Utah and Colorado’s custom shed building contractor.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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