Converting Your Shed into a Home Laundry Area

When it comes to sheds, garages and other custom outdoor buildings, most people naturally associate these with standard storage and practical uses. It’s common for many people to store garden tools and even larger items like lawnmowers in the shed, for instance, a purpose often shared by garages and other stand-alone building types.

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud to offer custom sheds and buildings for any purpose you might require them for. Another lesser-known area of use for various custom buildings? Extending certain in-home activities there aren’t room for within your main house space into a shed. One great example here is laundry – many modern homeowners are building sheds to accommodate laundry needs, allowing them to save space in the primary home and separate this task to another area. On top of ensuring you have all the correct plumbing and water supply needs in place or available, here are several tips we can offer on creating a laundry space within your outdoor shed.

Proper Washer-Dryer Combo

In many situations where you’re relocating laundry to the shed, space maximization will be a top priority. There are plenty of washer and dryer units specifically designed for confined spaces, including some that can sit side-by-side or even on top of each other in some cases.

Generally speaking, you’re looking for front-loading options here. These allow you those kinds of stacking options we just mentioned, offering the ability to open doors while loading or unloading but then close them and get them out of the way when needed.

Custom Cabinets and Counters

In many situations, standard counters and cabinets won’t be available for the kind of arrangement you’re putting together her. You’ll often have to customize these options – you need a counter space to fold and place laundry, plus cabinets for storing your detergents, dryer sheets, fabric softeners and any other laundry products you require.

Utility Sink

You may not have to use it often, but a small utility sink hooked up to the same plumbing connections can go a long way. Maybe you have to clean off stains that just formed, or perhaps you’re looking to wash certain clothes by hand while the machine does the rest.

Ironing Board

Finally, especially if you regularly attend formal events or have a need for professional appearance, keeping an ironing board in the area is a good idea. One great location for the ironing board is on the back of the she door, on which you can install a simple hanger that holds the folded ironing board until you need to put it into use, keeping it out of the way the rest of the time.

For more on designing a great home laundry space in your new shed, or to learn about any of our custom sheds or garages, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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