Maximizing Shed Storage Space

What’s the primary purpose of virtually any shed you’ll see? Storage and organization. Quality sheds are those that provide these elements with strong, durable materials that will last and protect your tools or belongings from the elements.

At A-Shed USA, we’re here to provide you with these options. We have a huge variety of durable sheds available, from ranch sheds to barn and J-series options and many more. We can also provide assistance in the actual practical use of the shed – namely how you organize it to ensure it serves its optimal purpose. With that in mind, here are a few little tricks we can recommend to help maximize your storage space.

Hooks and Designated Areas

We all know how item storage ends up going if you don’t have designated areas for the things you’re storing, whether it’s clothing, paperwork or outdoor tools. Apply this theme to your shed – break down the important items you’re storing in it, how often you’re using them, and which items relate to each other and might do well stored in close proximity.

From here, arrange your space to make things as convenient as possible. For your most-used items, set up hooks or shelves in prominent areas that area easy to reach. For some that you use less often but still need, consider secondary areas that group items together based on similar uses.

Repurposing Bookcases

A fun and practical trick that many shed owners have utilized? Repurposing other items in the home for use in the storage shed. A bookcase is a fantastic example, an item you can often find at garage or liquidation sales for super-cheap prices. Even a used bookcase can offer excellent storage capacity when used in the shed, whether as converted shelving or broken into smaller pieces. This is a great way to increase your storage capacity without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use the Doors

Shed doors aren’t just there for show – they can be used for vital storage space as well. Many frequent gardeners like to install basic pegs or hooks on the insides of their shed doors, areas where they can then hang basic essentials like light tools or clippers. Other homeowners store their outdoor electronics, such as extension cords and related items, in this area so they always know where these items are.

Mobile Cart

For those who are regularly moving from the shed to the garden and vice versa, you might consider buying an inexpensive mobile cart that serves as both a handy assist and additional storage. This cart can hold some of your essential items as you wheel it around the yard, but then can be easily wheeled back into the shed and used as a storage area when you’re done. If you keep it organized as you garden, you won’t have to worry about things getting out of order.

For more on how to maximize your storage space in the shed, or to learn about any of our storage sheds or shed builders, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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