Considerations for Converting a Shed to a Kid’s Playroom

When you install a new shed on your home property, part of the value you’re receiving is the versatility of the product. Sheds have several common uses, but even beyond these can be utilized for a variety of practical or entertaining purposes.

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud to design sheds with several customizable options to allow you to use them however you see fit, whether we’re talking about our ranch sheds or any of our other durable shed options. One fun, useful way some parents have chosen to use their new shed? As a converted kid’s playroom, one where they can enjoy themselves away from the crowded home and also interact regularly with nature and the outdoors. Here are a few areas we can recommend considering if you’re thinking about converting a shed into a playroom.

Paint and Color

When it comes to the interior walls of the shed, consider painting them using a bright color, or even possibly chalk paint. This allows kids to draw and accessorize on the walls to hone their creativity. In addition, use a few safe hanging elements like hang-up cork to allow them to display their various crafts as they see fit.

Furniture Considerations

You don’t want this to just be an area where your kids go to sit around and be lazy – you want it to be one where they can be active and challenged. A good idea here is a small table and chairs, or similar furniture elements that create an actual workspace.

For smaller sheds, you might consider a workbench or a wall-mounted table of some kind, and there are plenty of options here that even fold up for easy storage. If you have the space, you might also consider a cubby bookshelf for some extra storage.


When it comes to lighting, you really have two choices: Run electrical wiring in, or consider outdoor LED lights with light-based timers. The former will be more expensive but will also provide far more robust lighting, while the latter will be more affordable but may slightly limit some activities for kids. Your choice here really just depends on preference.


We recommend adding softer flooring options in this kind of shed – carpet, area rugs, or even potentially soft foam tiles. Kids are prone to some aggressive activity, as we all know, and you want to keep things safe and simple for them here. In addition, all the elements we just listed above are relatively easy to clean.

Nature Elements

Your shed is outdoors, and you want to encourage your children to interact with nature as well. Consider adding flower boxes, bird feeders or other similar elements to either the inside or outside of the shed to keep them engaged and learning.

For more on turning your shed into a kid’s playroom, or to learn about any of the other wide range of uses for our sheds or new garages, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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