Property Benefits of a New Carport

For those who have them on their property, carports can be enormously beneficial. These structures, which are open-sided roof areas used store parked vehicles (including recreational vehicles in some cases), can either be attached to the side of the home or placed separately on a freestanding area of your property.

At A-Shed USA, we’re your go-to source for new garages, carports and all similar structures. Why are carports so beneficial for people in a variety of different situations? Let’s look at some of their more common uses, plus a few areas you may not have thought of when it comes to reasons why you might consider a carport on your property.


The primary benefit of a carport is storage and protection, both for vehicles and other items. Instead of having to park your car, truck, van or other vehicle out in the open, where it’s exposed to the elements like sun, rain, wind and hail, you can leave it protected in a more affordable format than a fully enclosed garage.

In addition, though, this storage can extend significantly. Many people are able to store recreational vehicles or boats and boat trailers in their carports, keeping them pristine and protected while they aren’t in active use.

Flooring Variety

In many garage or other storage situations, you need certain types of flooring to make things work. A home two-car garage, for instance, requires good concrete so it can be used for several purposes beyond just the simple storage of vehicles.

Carports, though, have no such requirements. They can very easily be installed over dirt, grass or gravel with no issues, and often help improve the aesthetic appearance of these areas. This is another area that can make installation far cheaper and simpler to accomplish than a traditional garage.

Customization and Design

There’s a lot of customization possible with carports, including several areas that help match it to the home and create a pleasing visual theme. It’s easy to match your roof tiles to the colors and formats used on the carport, and just as simple to paint the frame to match colors also. Through these kinds of design options, you get a carport that looks like a true part of the property, rather than something that looks like it was lazily added on later.

In addition, carports have several feature options that can be beneficial for protection or quality. Consider galvanized steel, for instance, or laser light sheeting.

Home Value

Finally, did you realize a carport may increase your home’s value by far more than what you spend to have it installed? A huge factor in home values is something called “curb appeal,” which speaks to the initial impression potential buyers get when they see the home for the very first time – elements like garages, driveways, window shutters, landscaping and any others that are part of this view are all important, and carports can be part of this equation also. If you’re considering selling anytime in the future, a carport might be beneficial.

For more on the benefits of a carport, or to learn about any of our quality sheds or new garages, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

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