Building a Shed: Preparing the Construction Site

Even if you won’t be physically building a shed on your own, preparing the construction site for your new outbuilding is a hands-on project and every homeowner should get involved in. Site preparation will affect your satisfaction with the final result, and the longevity of your new outbuilding.

Decide Where to Place Your Shed

First, decide on the best area in your yard for your shed. Think about the reasons you’re building a shed in the first place. Do you need more storage for your garden tools? Situate the shed so you have easy access to your stores when you’re working on your flower beds.

Do you need extra space for storing decorations, sports equipment and other items that don’t fit in your home? Make sure you don’t have far to walk from your back door to your shed so you can quickly find the items when you need them.

Talk with Your Shed Building Contractor

Once you’ve narrowed down the possible locations, it’s time to consult with your contractor. They will look over the area and let you know how the soil grade will affect the building plans. For areas below grade, you may need to have a concrete slab poured to help with drainage and prevent water damage.

Your shed contractor will help you decide if this is the best course of action based on the site you select.

Make Sure the Ground Is Compact and Level

Even if a concrete slab isn’t necessary, a compact, level building area always is.

First, make sure the soil is a good quality — don’t lay down mulch or spread sand. These materials aren’t supportive and won’t provide a solid foundation for building a shed. If you need to, buy soil, fill or gravel to spread over the area. Make sure it’s well-compressed and tamped down to prevent shifting after the build is complete.

If your yard is particularly uneven or below grade, or the soil is excessively loose, you may want to hire a professional yard service contractor to ensure the area is fully prepared to support a new outbuilding.

Communicate Your Plan

Make sure you clearly mark the dimensions of your shed so the builders know exactly where you want it. It helps if you have a few feet of clearance around the perimeter of your new shed so the crew has room to work, so clear brush and obstacles as necessary before the project begins.

A-Shed USA constructs high-quality, long-lasting outbuildings that fit any budget and are fully customizable to any design preference. Building a shed doesn’t have to be complicated — just trust A-Shed.

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