The Real Benefits of a New Garage

Getting a new garage means no more scraping ice and snow off your car, no more cramming all of your stuff in your basement and no more driving to your storage locker. It’s time to take the leap and get a new garage.

Before you make the decision to financially commit to the project, it helps to list all the reasons a new garage is a wise investment.

Protect Your Vehicles

The winter takes its toll. It’s demoralizing to have to scrape snow and ice off your windshield before leaving for work every morning. If you’ve been busy thinking about how distasteful this is, you might have forgotten how bad it is for your car.

The more your vehicle is exposed to road salt and wintry precipitation, the greater the risk of rust. And rust is a car’s mortal enemy. A new garage will protect your vehicles from premature aging, ensuring you can drive them for years and get higher trade-in value when it’s time to upgrade.

Add Living Space

Modern garages aren’t just houses for your car. They’re extra square footage you can utilize any way you want, especially if you add a finished space above it. Create a work area for projects, or turn it into a man cave.

Your kids or teens might appreciate their own area to play with friends, or you can make a room for guests. No matter how you use it, additional square footage is only going to help you enjoy your home more.

Contribute to Higher Home Value

You’ll get back a good portion of your investment from a garage addition. According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners recouped 64.8 percent of their investment in a mid-range garage addition in 2015.

A new garage may be attractive to potential buyers, especially if they are looking for additional storage space or a home for their antique car. A garage can set your home apart from others in the neighborhood.

Don’t Pay for Extra Storage

If you have a lot of stuff, you may be paying for off-site storage. This monthly fee can add up. Instead of watching this money disappear year after year, invest in a new garage.

Work with Professionals

Start making plans for your new garage — talk to the professionals at A-Shed USA today. You can help with a custom blueprint for the building you envision, creating the new garage that you’ve always wanted with the assistance of a team of industry experts.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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