A Shed Adds Value to Your Home

A shed adds value to your home by boosting curb appeal, increasing storage space and sparking a potential buyer’s imagination. Though the exact numbers will vary depending on your real estate market, a shed adds value that goes beyond just an increase in sale price. It could be the deciding factor for a buyer.

Build an Attractive Shed

Yes, a shed adds value, but it’s not automatic — your shed has to look good. A dilapidated, worn-out building is only going to bring your property value down. Buyers will look at the shed and picture all the work involved with fixing it up or tearing it down in order to start over and build a new one.

Your best bet is to build a shed in the same style as your home. Try to stick to wood. Metal is prone to rust, and plastic looks tacky. Paint the exterior to match or complement your home. Make sure the shingle color matches your home as well. Your shed will look like it has always been there, even if it’s a new addition.

You should also consider the shed’s positioning. If it’s going to be used to house a boat or an ATV, make sure you can access it from the street. Try to spruce up the outside by adding French doors or window boxes to the design. The better the design, the more value the outbuilding brings to your home.

Everyone Likes Having More Space

Traditionally, the central purpose of a shed is to add storage. It’s a spot to put a lawnmower and gardening tools. It frees up space in the garage and basement.

Just by advertising you have more space than the next property, buyers are going to be more interested. Beyond just adding value to your home sale, additional storage could also make it possible for you to charge a little more in rent if you’re looking for tenants.

Make Sure it’s Versatile

Finally, a shed adds value to your home by opening up the buyer (or renter) to possibilities. If you’re using your shed for gardening supplies, that’s fine, but consider adding features like electricity. You can tell potential buyers that the shed could be easily converted to a man cave or home office. This could spark serious interest on the part of the buyer, and you could have just guaranteed yourself a sale.

Talk to A-Shed USA today about your vision for a new outbuilding and to learn more about how a shed adds value to your property. Look at the trusted designs and stunning portfolio of work completed for clients across Utah and Colorado, and get a free quote.

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