5 Signs You Should Build a Shed Instead of a Home Addition 

Is it time to build a shed, or add square footage to your home? These are two very different projects, but it’s important to ask this question.

Sometimes homeowners get so frustrated with a lack of storage space or extra work area that they decide an entire home addition is in order, but in reality, storage sheds may suffice.

While we fully support your goal of adding square footage to your home through an addition if that is what you would prefer, we would also like to point out that there are five signs this may not be necessary, and that building a shed might be better.

You Want to Store Specific Items

Maybe you have a pair of expensive kayaks and you can’t find room for them, or your mountain bike needs to be carefully stored away. You might have a lot of tools and you need an organized space to put them all. Will a home addition fix this?

Unless you’re adding an attached garage, probably not. And if it’s about creating room for a list of items, you can design a storage shed that will do the job for much less.

You Want More Space for a Specific Activity

Today, sheds aren’t the dark, dingy places they were when you were growing up. You can get a fully wired shed that’s ready for heat and electricity. It can look and feel like an extension of your home, only it’s not.

Build a shed for your quilting hobby or use it as a reading nook. Use your shed for traditional gardening activities or woodworking. If there is a specific activity you’d like to do more of that your home can’t accommodate, chances are you can build a shed to help.

Your Budget Doesn’t Match Your Vision for an Addition

The cost of a home addition is much higher than you might think. From digging and pouring the foundation to designing with materials that will match your home’s exterior, the process can be expensive and long.

When your budget is much smaller than your addition dream, make your money go further by building a shed you can fully love and appreciate!

The Permit Process Is Difficult

Even if only one permit is required, that permit is expensive and time-consuming to get. You have to submit blueprints, wait for approvals and the like. If you’d rather expedite the process, build a shed! It’s unlikely you’ll need a permit, and the building timeline is a lot shorter.

Long-Term, an Addition Isn’t Always Needed

A home addition might sound good now, but will you still need it in five years? Also, do you plan on staying in your home long enough to enjoy it? If you can’t see a long-term benefit from adding on to your home, build a shed instead. You’re still adding value, but it’s value you’ll get back right away, for less money.

Come to A-Shed USA and get a quote on how much it costs for our experienced team to build a shed for you. We work hard to make your vision come to life!

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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