4 Ways to Keep Your Shed from Getting Cluttered

Keeping your shed from getting cluttered, like any form of maintenance, is all about staying motivated.

It’s easy to let things pile up, especially if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes you might toss tools or gardening supplies inside carelessly, planning to clean them up “later.”

For most of us, that “later” doesn’t happen until we realize we’ve got a full-scale cleaning project on our hands. To avoid that, we have some suggestions for keeping your shed organized.

Make Storage Bins & Shelves Your Best Friends

The key to staying organized is to have appropriate storage space.

Group smaller items together by theme. For example, consider keeping all your gardening supplies like fertilizer and soil in a storage bin, and place gardening tools in easy-to-reach places on shelves above.

Always try to put the items back in their places so you don’t have to waste time rummaging through the shed to track them down.

Keep the things you use the most toward the front of the shed, especially the smaller items, so you don’t have to climb over things every time you need them.

Once all the smaller items like tools have been stowed neatly away in bins or on shelves, then you’ll have plenty of leftover space for the big toys like lawnmowers and tractors. And when you have the area surrounding them mess-free, it makes getting the tractor out of the shed and cutting the grass feel a little less like a chore.

For Each New Item, Donate or Sell Another

Another way to keep your shed from getting cluttered is to make a pact with yourself: Within reason, for each new item you purchase, consider donating or selling something you already have.

You just bought a new tool kit and added it to your collection that’s 10 years old — but do you really still need that old kit?

By being conscious of your inventory and keeping track of what you’ve recently bought versus what could find a new home, you’ll succeed in keeping the shed from getting sloppy.

Seasonal Shed Clean-Outs

At the beginning or end of each season, a clean-out is a good way to stay on top of keeping your shed tidy.

Plus, an overhaul means more space for new projects in the coming months, which is convenient year-round.

Upgrade to Something Bigger

If you still find yourself struggling for space, maybe an upgrade is what you need. At A-Shed USA, we have dozens of shapes and designs to pick from. Give us a call today to find out more!

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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