Tips for Winter Lawnmower Shed Storage Precautions

We know storage is a top concern for property owners who build sheds, and at A-Shed USA, our shed builders are here to provide for all your needs here. From our J-series and YardMaster storage sheds to ranch and barn sheds, we offer a wide range of shed sizes and formats for any kind of storage you need to accomplish.

One of the most common groups of items stored in any shed is those used for varying yard work needs, and one of the largest and bulkiest such potential items is the lawnmower. As we’re now in the fall stages where most homeowners are preparing to shelve their mower for the winter, here are some top recommendations from our pros in terms of properly storing your lawnmower within your shed.

Why Indoor Storage Matters

Some mower owners might be planning to store theirs outside for the winter, but we strongly recommend against that. For one, moisture can collect and pool in various areas, causing rust and other material breakdowns.

For another, the sun’s rays – even during the winter – will damage everything from paint to plastic mower parts over time. It will make important mower components more likely to crack or break, particularly engine covers and mower seats. For this reason, it’s far more effective to store the mower inside, whether in your garage or your storage shed.

Fuel Concerns

Keeping fuel fresh in your mower is an important task throughout the year, including over the winter. Fuel may break down over this long season, which in turn can damage your motor. Some may think that simply draining the tank for winter is best, but this may actually damage the engine as well. The proper approach here is to buy fresh fuel, fill your tank to 95% capacity, run it for a few minutes to allow the stabilized fuel to make its way into fuel lines, and then shut it off and store it for the winter.

Tires and Air

Some may think they can get away with waiting to refill tire air pressure until the spring, but this is a big risk. Mowers that sit on flat tires will eventually put pressure on the rim, which in turn will damage the area. Make sure you air up your tires to their full capacity before storing the mower for winter.

Battery Charging

You have a couple options when it comes to mower batteries over the winter. One is to charge the battery a few separate times over the winter, while another is to purchase a trickle charger or battery tender that will keep the battery charged on their own.


Finally, take the time to clean grass clippings and other accumulations from the mower before storing it for the season. Grass clippings are a common cause of mower decks rusting through due to their eventual transformation into rot and acidic compounds, which can eat through paint and even metal. Turn off the mower blades and clean the entire mower and deck – compressed air and a putty knife are usually the simplest tools here.

For more on storing your lawnmower in your shed for the winter, or to learn about any of our storage shed products, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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