Shed Size: HOA, Future Increases and Professional Assistance

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the important variables that will play a role in choosing the size of your shed. While most naturally think about the items they plan to store when it comes to size, and this is absolutely an important element here, there are also a few others to keep in mind as you plan and order your custom shed.

At A-Shed USA, we’re here to offer custom storage sheds in a variety of size templates and designations – and also to assist our clients with the variables they should be keeping track of when deciding exactly how large their new shed will be. Here are a few of the other important factors that tend to dictate your shed size decision, including the value of working with our team for these kinds of important calls.


HOA Regulations

In certain areas, your home may fall under the governance of a homeowners’ association, or HOA. These are groups that are made up of all the homeowners in a given neighborhood or area, and they will often play a major role in property and other regulations – possibly including the placement of sheds or other structures on your property.

Specifically, there may be regulations or limitations on how big a given structure can be on a property if it’s not attached to the main home. Other HOAs may simply require that you submit drawings and plans of the shed and yard so there are records, including the exact shed size and its location in the yard. In other cases, something of a hybrid system will be in place here – these documents will be required to receive approval to build the shed from the HOA. There may be situations where certain large shed sizes are not possible given HOA restrictions.

Future Increases

One vital factor to keep in mind that some shed buyers gloss over: Potential future size increases. While your primary plans should involve the items you plan to store in the shed now and its present purposes, your needs may expand in future years – especially if, like many people, you’re using the shed to hold a collection of tools and equipment, which tends to grow over time. For this reason, consider leaving some extra space around the shed that will allow for expansion if you end up going this route later on.

Consult With Pros

If you’re unsure about any part of your shed or property’s size needs or dimensions, be sure to contact our shed professionals for assistance. We’ve helped numerous property owners find the ideal shed size given their other property characteristics and their shed needs, and we’ll do the same for you.

For more on choosing the ideal shed size, or to learn about any of our custom sheds, garages or other products, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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