Need a Shed Contractor? Look for These 6 Features

It’s time to find a shed contractor. Your packed garage and overloaded basement and attic has finally made you realize the truth: You need more storage space.

A protective, durable shed is the perfect solution. No longer will you trip over your garden tools and sports equipment. Now your only question is, which shed contractor will provide the high-quality service and product you’re looking for?

Here are six signs you’ve found a shed contractor that puts customer satisfaction first:

They’re Open to Your Ideas

Don’t waste time working with a shed contractor that only sticks to their pre-made cookie-cutter plans. You want to put your own personalized stamp on your design, so find a professional who’s adaptive and can turn your custom vision into a reality.

They’re Experienced with a Wide Range of Sizes and Styles

Even if you don’t have your own unique idea of what your shed should look like, you want options. Work with a builder that offers a range of style ideas and will help you decide.

Just like they should be able to vary their building style, they also should offer you a selection of sizes. Maybe a shed isn’t exactly right for you and a garage would suit your needs better. Your builder should stay flexible throughout the design process.

Their Materials Are Excellent

Building a shed isn’t quite the same as building a house, but the shed is going to house some of your important possessions. You’re not interested in spending money on a structure that won’t stand the test of time. Make sure your shed builder uses quality materials.

They Assist with the Permit Process

Building a shed seems straightforward — it’s your property after all. However, some towns make you submit plans through the building department before you get the go ahead to complete your project. It can be a confusing process, but when you have a builder that can answer your questions and help you with the paperwork, it’s a breeze.

They Guarantee Their Work

Don’t settle for a builder that doesn’t offer a warranty, even if the price is right. It’s worth it to spend more time and resources to get a shed contractor that offers a warranty on their workmanship. It’s proof of their integrity and their dedication to quality.

They Deliver On Time

Check their references — did the builder deliver the final product according to the agreed upon timeline? If so, it’s a good sign. It means they are well-prepared and true to their word.

When you’re trying to find a shed contractor with these six important qualities, look no further than A-Shed USA, Salt Lake City’s premier custom shed builder.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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