It’s Spring — Is Your Garden Shed Ready?

Every spring, you venture back into your garden shed to retrieve your tools and your lawn mower so you can get your yard back into shape. But what about your garden shed? Is that in shape? A-Shed USA, with locations in Salt Lake City, can help you determine what type of TLC — if any — your storage shed needs.

Is Your Garden Shed Solid?

When you open your garden shed doors and step in, does the structure move at all? A little squeaking here and there may be OK, but if the walls move visibly as you walk inside, this can be a concern. The answer may be to tighten up a few bolts or replace some screws, but the problem could be more serious than that.

The shape your storage shed is in depends partly upon its age. If you’ve had your garden shed for more than five years and it feels a bit rickety, it’s best to get it checked out by a professional before someone gets hurt.

Is Your Storage Shed Starting to Look Ugly?

Garden sheds need upkeep in order to last, just like your home. If your shed is made of wood, it needs to be painted or sealed from time to time. If your shed is made of metal, you must look for rust spots regularly and treat them right away, before they spread.

Metal storage sheds can last longer than wooden sheds, but they are also vulnerable to problems such as limbs or heavy branches falling on them and causing dents. A dent in your metal shed can be hard to repair so that it looks nice again. It can also make that area of your garden shed more prone to rust.

If you have a plastic storage shed, you don’t have to do much upkeep. A good hosing off inside and out a couple of times a year should be all you need.

Are You Running Out of Room for Your Stuff in Your Shed?

Your garden shed may have been adequate when you bought it some years ago, but you may have acquired more items since then. Storage sheds have a way of accumulating sports equipment, gardening tools, decorations and other items.

If your storage shed didn’t come with shelving or wall hangers, consider installing some to clear floor space. However, if it’s packed tight, you may need a bigger storage shed.

New Storage Sheds in Salt Lake City

As hard as you try, there’s only so much you can do to resurrect an old garden shed for another season. When the day comes that you need a new storage shed for your home in the Salt Lake City area, talk to the team at A-Shed USA.

We offer several types of garden sheds, and we even install them for you. Looking out into your back yard and seeing your beautiful new storage shed will inspire you to keep your garden tools organized and your landscaping in good shape — a new storage shed is a great motivator!

Browse our sheds online or contact us today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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