Garden Storage Shed Must-Haves

Finding a garden storage shed that meets all your needs might seem impossible. If you’ve been living with the same decrepit shed for years or looking at the less-than-appealing stock shed options at a local home improvement store, you might feel discouraged.

All you’re looking for is a garden storage shed you can use to prepare your plantings, store and easily access your supplies and trust that everything will stay just the way you left it. Is that too much to ask?

Not at A-Shed USA. We have a handle on what the average gardener needs from their storage shed — we know just what to offer our customers.

What’s important to have in a garden shed?

1. You Want it Waterproof

There’s no point in storing mulch and soil if it will only get wet. The same goes for your tools — why keep them in a leaky shed where they can rust and corrode, making gardening more difficult come spring?

The top priority for your garden shed is that it be waterproof. No leaks, no failing seals, no decaying roof. Your supplies and your tools are protected from water damage and all its consequences.

2. Shelving Is Key

Pots, seeds and tools — if you left everything in a heap on your shed floor, you would dread gardening time. Your shed should have enough shelving to support your hobby.

With hooked racks and shelving, your garden storage shed design should maximize every square foot of space. Leave the spacious architectural details for your home. Make your shed practical and functional.

3. Natural Light Makes Life Easier

Do you garden at night? Most likely not. Don’t splurge for electricity in your shed until you’ve taken advantage of natural light. Windows are great, but skylights are even better, since they let in plenty of daylight without taking up wall storage space. Add these to your shed’s design so you can see what you’re doing!

4. It Should Be Easy Access

Make sure you can take out your lawn mower easily, without causing injuries. Install a ramp. When it’s easy to access your shed, you reduce your everyday frustration and make yard care a cinch.

You Make the Rules

Who said you have to only pick one shed? Maybe you need a garden storage shed, but you want another for all your outdoor equipment and holiday decorations. That’s OK! It’s your property — you’re allowed to diversify. At A-Shed USA, we make it possible to get everything you need in one shed, two sheds or even a garage too — you make the rules!

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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