Do You Need a Storage Shed Warranty?

Should you have a storage shed warranty to protect against defects?

A shed isn’t mechanical, but its function is just as important. You probably consider warranty coverage vital when you pay $800 for a new refrigerator. Shouldn’t you consider a storage shed warranty just as vital?

A New Shed Is an Investment

You’ve decided you need a storage shed because your home is busting open at the seams. You have too many things and not enough space. Your future storage shed is going to fill the gap and allow you to store your holiday decorations, gardening tools and home improvement supplies.

No more tripping over rakes and extension cords in the basement. You’ll have an organized, sensible space for your odds and ends.

You’re comfortable making the investment in a separate outbuilding project because you know it will make your life easier and it will add value to your home. But what if you sign a contract with a shed builder, love the finished product, but then have to deal with a roof leak only a few months later? You’ll have wished you asked about warranty coverage before you let your shed builder walk away.

What Should it Cover?

When you trust a shed builder to construct an outbuilding that will last, you’re trusting that the materials they choose and the work they put into the project are both top-notch. You’re trusting that they’re not sparing any expense and they’re not cutting corners to get the job done quickly.

A storage shed warranty should cover all defects in materials that arise separately from normal wear and tear. If shingles buckle for no reason, you should get a free replacement. The warranty also should cover any defects in the outbuilding as a result of shoddy workmanship. If a window wasn’t sealed correctly and led to a leak, you should get free repairs.

Get Peace of Mind

Ultimately, a warranty isn’t going to solve every problem, but it does help you have confidence that you’ve chosen a shed building company that pays attention to the products they build. They’re not just trying to make a sale, they’re trying to provide an excellent result for the homeowners who depend on them for sturdy, lasting shed construction.

A-Shed USA Offers Premium Protection

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at A-Shed USA, and it shows. All sheds come with coverage so homeowners don’t have to worry about subpar work or materials. Trust the professionals at A-Shed USA. We offer a 10-year storage shed warranty with each installation.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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