Do You Need a New Garage This Winter?

A new garage may be exactly what your home needs, but it might take a rough winter season to get you to see the light.

At A-Shed USA, we got plenty of customers throughout the spring who were exhausted dealing with their rundown garages that just couldn’t handle the heavy snow and ice buildup over the winter. But you can correct this issue before winter takes another toll.

In fact, you could have a sturdy, stable new garage before winter is over. Have you seen any of the signs you may need a new garage?

Water Is Leaking Through the Walls or Ceiling

Roofs are a common source of leaks, but so are walls if you have an old, cement-block garage. Once the seal between the bricks crumbles just enough, water flows where you don’t want it to: inside the garage. Rain and melting snow and ice make your garage damp and cold.

Your Garage Roof Isn’t Stable

Shingles are blowing off, gutters are sagging (or they’re nonexistent) and the roof line looks like it’s sinking. If you can’t trust your garage roof to hold up under heavy snowfall, what’s the point of having a garage at all?

Repairs Offer Only a Temporary Fix

Have you tried and failed to fix your garage? Maybe you’ve sealed leaks. Maybe you’ve called a roofer to come and see what they can do about the missing shingles. Maybe you’ve had it insulated. Maybe you’ve reinforced the roof. You can try to resolve an aging garage many different ways, but if these repairs are only offering a temporary fix, it’s clear that the writing is on the (garage) wall. It’s time to talk to A-Shed USA!

You Don’t Feel Comfortable Using It

Here is the ultimate sign you need a new garage: you don’t even use it. When it’s too rickety, leaky and unstable for you to feel confident parking your car inside, it’s definitely time to tear it down and start over. You should be able to trust that your garage will hold up to the next storm and protect everything inside. If you aren’t, it’s time to call A-Shed USA.

Looking for a Price Quote?

We offer custom plans for your new garage, along with a custom price based on what you’re looking for. Call us today and let’s talk about what you don’t like about your current garage, and what we can do to improve on the next build. A-Shed USA’s team is here for you.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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