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Plastic, Metal or Wooden Shed: Which Is Best for You? 

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Wooden sheds are popular, but plastic and metal are great options as well. Maybe you haven’t been thinking about material for your new shed — you’ve been focusing on style or budget. But material type dictates style. So choosing either a plastic, metal or wooden shed has to be one of your first steps in the decision-making process.


The Pros of Plastic

Plastic sheds are usually super cheap. It’s why they’re a popular DIY option. Just pick up the kit from your local home improvement store and put it together yourself in a weekend. It’s a fast solution for a homeowner who just needs to store smaller items.

You might not want to store a ride-on lawnmower inside a plastic shed — not only because it won’t fit, but because it’s not sturdy enough for a mountainous winter climate. At the same time, it works for storing beach chairs and lawn furniture, and maybe some garden tools.

If you want your plastic garden shed to last, make sure you bolt it to the ground, or else you could be in for an unwelcome surprise if it blows away.

Why Metal Is Smart

Metal is just a bit more durable than plastic. It’s a higher-caliber option when you’re trying to protect valued pieces of equipment from strong winds and endless precipitation. Metal is often thought of as a dull gray, ugly option, but metal sheds come in a range of colors.

Another big pro of metal is that you won’t find any bugs trying to make their home in the walls, as can be the case with a wooden shed. It’s on the lower end of many budgets as well, perhaps even cheaper than plastic. But you can’t customize it as easily as a wooden shed, and it’s usually highly prone to leaking.

Wood Is Sturdy and Durable

Wood is one of the most durable, long-lasting shed materials. When you build a wooden shed, you aren’t just solving your immediate storage needs. You are adding value to your property. It raises curb appeal and it’s strong — you would feel comfortable using your wooden shed as an extension of your home if you need extra living space!

It might be a larger investment up front, but the value of a wooden shed pays off for years to come.

Let’s Build Together

A-Shed USA offers high-quality construction of wooden sheds for your property, built from any of our predetermined blueprints or based on a custom design of your choice. By only using the best materials we can find and putting our decades of experience to work, we deliver backyard sheds of exceptional craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. Get more information on what it would cost for our team to build one for you — contact A-Shed USA today.

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6 HOA Shed Restrictions to Be Aware Of 

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HOA shed restrictions could get in your way when you’re planning a custom backyard storage shed. If you live in an area governed by a homeowners association, don’t get too far along in the build before checking the rules that all property owners must follow when erecting outdoor structures (or making any updates at all!) on their property.

Below are six potential HOA shed restrictions you might face during the build process.

Approval Process

Homeowners associations usually allow shed building, but only after an approval process. You will have to submit a plan, drawings and potentially even pictures of what it will look like before the build committee will approve the project.

Total Footprint

Your HOA rules likely have maximum dimensions spelled out. The concern about the “total footprint” typically comes down to its relation to your lot size. For example, many HOAs only allow sheds to cover a maximum of 1 percent of the lot.

Maximum Height

Height is another area under close watch by many HOAs. And it’s not just how high the roof reaches; they probably have regulations for the maximum height of the walls as well.


You may be limited in where you can place your new shed. Can it be visible from the street? Should it be set back a certain distance from the street? Does it have to be a specified distance from the property line?

These questions are important to consider in the planning process. You need to find a spot that’s convenient for you but doesn’t violate the rules. It’s nearly impossible to move a shed once it’s built without damaging it.

The Look

If you had to pick a category, you’d probably assume most of the rules governing shed building revolve around appearance. You’d be right! Many homeowners associations regulate the material used for siding — wood, aluminum or vinyl. They also have strict rules on roofing materials as well as slope. Colors matter too. You may have to paint it to match your home or you may have a specific palette of accent colors you can choose from.


If your property is governed by an HOA, your sheds will probably need to have a solid floor. This likely rules out many of the prefabricated sheds you’d purchase at a home improvement store, since you can’t depend on dirt or gravel as the base.

These HOA shed restrictions might not apply to your neighborhood, but you don’t want to find out after you’ve violated the code. Check in with your HOA before you begin the build and remember: A-Shed USA builds custom sheds to match any set of restrictions.

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Shed Maintenance: What Do You Need to Do?

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If you keep up with shed maintenance, your new outbuilding will look better and last longer. After you’ve put in the time, money and effort to build a backyard shed, you want to get the most out of it.

Trust Our 10-Year Warranty

First, it’s important to know that A-Shed USA offers a 10-year limited warranty on all our sheds. We are that confident in the quality of our construction. We take full responsibility for any builder defect that causes problems with your shed.

You can depend on our capable, skilled building team to take care of the issue quickly — just give us a call. For the warranty to be valid, you must paint siding within 90 days of delivery, proof of paint purchase required.

What to Watch For

Always keep an eye on your shed’s siding, looking for signs of peeling or flaking. A-Shed USA uses high-quality siding that comes with a manufacturer’s 50-year warranty. But it’s essential that you keep up with painting it regularly so that it’s protected from the elements.

What You Can Do

How can you can extend the life of your shed?

First, trim all overhanging tree branches. In a bad storm, a branch could break and fall on the roof. This could potentially be catastrophic for your backyard shed. Even if overhanging branches don’t look dead, it’s best to stay proactive and prune them before they cause a problem.

Also trim vegetation around the edges of the shed. This will help prevent insect infestations as well as moisture buildup, which could lead to rot. Direct lawn sprinklers away from your shed to avoid repeatedly soaking it unnecessarily.

Another shed maintenance tip is to make sure water doesn’t drain toward your shed. Pooling water near the shed’s foundation can lead to damage, mold and rot. It could eventually weaken the entire structure. Assess your landscaping’s drainage patterns and talk to a professional for tips on how to redirect water flow if necessary.

Call Us Right Away

Notice a problem with your storage shed? Don’t wait — call our team right away. If you’re ready to replace an outdated shed with a new outbuilding, you can view our prices online or get in touch with us and share your thoughts on a custom construction. A-Shed USA is your top resource for shed maintenance and new builds.

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Wiring a Backyard Shed: What You Need to Know

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Put your backyard shed in a new light — with electricity! A shed with power is so much more useful. You can install lights so you can use the shed when it gets dark, and you can put in outlets so you can use your power tools. It makes your shed more like an extension of your garage or basement, instead of a dark cavern where it’s impossible to find what you need.

But before you take on a big wiring project, read our tips.

You Will Probably Need a Permit

Electrical work almost always requires a permit. Make sure you pull permits before starting the work or you could face fines. Call your local building office to learn what documentation you need to provide to receive permit approval.

Underground Is Your Best Bet

Running electrical lines above ground is usually not recommended for a shed. Instead, run wiring out to the shed via a specialized underground conduit. But be wary of installing this without identifying all other possible utility lines in its path. Consider this when choosing your backyard shed’s location and talk to your gas and water companies about underground lines.

You May Need to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

If your home’s panel is capable of servicing at least 200 amps, the power your backyard shed draws from the panel probably won’t overload it. But if your panel is outdated, this could be a problem. Panels with capacity of only 60 to 100 amps are likely barely capable of handling a modern home’s electrical appliances and devices, never mind power to an entire shed.

Talk to an electrician about the capability of your home’s electrical panel and research your upgrade options if need be.

You Need a Professional

While you’re talking to your electrician about your panel, see if they’ll handle the entire project. Unless you have a license and many years of experience in the field, electrical wiring isn’t a DIY project you should take on. In fact, your town’s building code may require that a licensed electrician handle the job.

Building a New Shed? Contact Us.

It can be frustrating to try to work inside a backyard shed that doesn’t have lighting, but don’t spend your time and money working toward adding electricity to a shed that’s dingy and outdated. Instead, invest in a new shed, then add wiring after your installation is complete!

Get a quote for a custom sheds from A-Shed USA today.

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5 Fun Ways You Can Use a New Shed This Summer

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A new shed offers a world of possibilities for summer fun and enjoyment in your backyard. While we fully support you using your new shed any way you please, take a look at our top five suggestions.

1. Create a Craft Room

Are you a crafty person? If so, you know it’s hard to leave your supplies out on the kitchen counter or even in your office. You need to use those areas for other tasks, and your family will probably complain about the mess.

What if you had a dedicated craft space you could use just for your next big project? Build a shed with this in mind. “Hobby huts” are a lot more common than you might think.

2. Build a Pool House

A new shed doesn’t have to be used as a place to store garden tools. You can use it to store pool supplies! Or even better, you could make it a hangout to entertain guests in between swims. Load a mini-fridge with snacks, set up a pool table, install a bar counter and you have a pool house ready for a summer of fun.

3. Make a Playhouse

When your kids are at the age where imagination rules their waking hours, give them a new shed as a playhouse where they can let their ideas run free. Style it like a castle or a cottage and let them decorate it to fit with their imaginings.

4. Use it as a Greenhouse

Use your new shed to exercise your green thumb! Turn it into a greenhouse. There are many plants that thrive so much better when they have some shelter from the dry desert heat. All you’ll need is a watering system and an organized setup, and you can quickly adapt your shed to a plant nursery.

5. Just Relax on Your Shed’s Front Porch

Pour a drink, light a cigar and smell the sweet evening air as you rock on your shed’s front porch, watching twilight fall on your backyard. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a hot, hectic day. If you’d rather have a view of your lawn instead of a view of the street, move your relaxation session to the backyard.

If you love all these ideas, you’ll want to get started making your new shed a reality.

Call A-Shed USA. We help you find the new shed style that fits exactly what you’re looking for. If we can’t, we custom build it for you. You deserve the perfect setup for summer fun, and we always deliver.

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When a Detached Garage Makes Sense 

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Detached garages offers unique advantages to those looking for a storage and workspace solution. Many of the benefits of an attached garage, such as proximity to the home, can be drawbacks, depending on local code regulations and how noisy your work will be inside the garage. Below are a few situations where a detached garage will likely be a better fit than an attached one.

When You Need More Freedom Over Where it Goes

If zoning laws don’t allow for a garage built on the side of your home, don’t be disappointed. You can probably still build a detached garage, depending on the size of your plot and local code regulations.

Sometimes homeowners would rather have a detached building simply because they prefer having more control over where it goes. You can put it at the end of your driveway, or you can build it at an angle, depending on what you prefer both functionally and aesthetically.

When You Need Space Due to Noise

Will you be hammering and sawing away inside your garage workspace? Will you be setting up a drum kit and inviting your band over?

You might want to consider separating the building from the home so you don’t alienate the other members of your family. Echoes from inside the garage can quickly become a nuisance, but one that is avoided when choosing a detached build.

When You Want to Easily Add a Second Floor

It’s much easier to add a second floor to a detached garage versus one that is attached. If you want to someday add an apartment or game room above your garage, set yourself up for success now and go with detached.

When You Want a Design That Doesn’t Clash with Your Home

Are you interested in building a garage, but aren’t a fan of the way attached garages affect a home’s curb appeal? Would you rather choose a different style for your garage than for your home? Make it a detached project and you won’t have any issues with design clashes.

Don’t Forget!

When building a detached garage, make sure you take into account all potential security concerns. Ensure there are internal locks on each door and consider extending your home’s alarm system to the garage, especially if you’ll be storing items of value inside. You should also make sure the space is fully insulated, especially if you plan on using it for living quarters in the future.

A-Shed USA can manage your detached garage build from beginning to end, so you’re 110 percent satisfied with the result. Ready to take the next step? Get a quote for your project today — call now.

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5 Signs You Should Build a Shed Instead of a Home Addition 

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Is it time to build a shed, or add square footage to your home? These are two very different projects, but it’s important to ask this question.

Sometimes homeowners get so frustrated with a lack of storage space or extra work area that they decide an entire home addition is in order, but in reality, storage sheds may suffice.

While we fully support your goal of adding square footage to your home through an addition if that is what you would prefer, we would also like to point out that there are five signs this may not be necessary, and that building a shed might be better.

You Want to Store Specific Items

Maybe you have a pair of expensive kayaks and you can’t find room for them, or your mountain bike needs to be carefully stored away. You might have a lot of tools and you need an organized space to put them all. Will a home addition fix this?

Unless you’re adding an attached garage, probably not. And if it’s about creating room for a list of items, you can design a storage shed that will do the job for much less.

You Want More Space for a Specific Activity

Today, sheds aren’t the dark, dingy places they were when you were growing up. You can get a fully wired shed that’s ready for heat and electricity. It can look and feel like an extension of your home, only it’s not.

Build a shed for your quilting hobby or use it as a reading nook. Use your shed for traditional gardening activities or woodworking. If there is a specific activity you’d like to do more of that your home can’t accommodate, chances are you can build a shed to help.

Your Budget Doesn’t Match Your Vision for an Addition

The cost of a home addition is much higher than you might think. From digging and pouring the foundation to designing with materials that will match your home’s exterior, the process can be expensive and long.

When your budget is much smaller than your addition dream, make your money go further by building a shed you can fully love and appreciate!

The Permit Process Is Difficult

Even if only one permit is required, that permit is expensive and time-consuming to get. You have to submit blueprints, wait for approvals and the like. If you’d rather expedite the process, build a shed! It’s unlikely you’ll need a permit, and the building timeline is a lot shorter.

Long-Term, an Addition Isn’t Always Needed

A home addition might sound good now, but will you still need it in five years? Also, do you plan on staying in your home long enough to enjoy it? If you can’t see a long-term benefit from adding on to your home, build a shed instead. You’re still adding value, but it’s value you’ll get back right away, for less money.

Come to A-Shed USA and get a quote on how much it costs for our experienced team to build a shed for you. We work hard to make your vision come to life!

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Planning a New Garage

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A new garage is just what you need when you’re running low on storage and tired of cleaning snow off your car every winter morning.

Before you get started, consider the five factors below — your decisions will influence the design and building process.

Attached or Detached?

Attached garages are a great choice if your main motivation is to provide shelter for your cars. It makes it easier for you to enter and exit while avoiding exposure to the elements.

But if you’re going to build a workshop in your garage, you may want to consider a detached structure. That way, the sound of your saws and drills won’t disturb the household.

Single or Double?

Choosing between a single or a double entry might be easy, depending on the number of vehicles you own. If you choose a two-car garage, would you like one large door or two separate doors? This design decision needs to be made early in the process as well.

Do You Want Extra Living Space?

It’s becoming more common for homeowners to add square footage by building living space above their garages. It’s a great place for a guest room, playroom, office, etc. If you are leaning in this direction, you’ll need an entry point built into the plans, and it will have to be approved by the city as well.

Think About Curb Appeal

Do you want your garage to face the street directly or would you like it at an angle? Would you like the design to mimic the look of your home or stand out as an original structure? Take curb appeal into account when you make these decisions.

Storage and Everyday Usage Needs

You’re probably building a new garage to store your vehicle, but do you expect to store other items in there as well? Do you also want to use it for woodworking projects? Think realistically about space so that your new garage addresses your intended purposes.

Setting your budget is one of the most important tasks you’ll have to do as well. At A-Shed USA, we give our customers the value and quality they expect, and we do it for less. Contact us today for a quote on a new garage!

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Should You Build a Shed Loft? 

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A shed loft is a smart addition to your project plans. Think about all that space that would otherwise go to waste! A shed loft can give you extra flexibility and additional storage solutions, and the buildings we construct at A-Shed USA fit the bill.


Thoughtful Planning Is Always Key

The planning stage of any build is the most important part of the project. You’ve probably already considered where you’d like your shed to go. You have already thought about the dimensions you want the building to be based on your expectations of storage space. Maybe you’ve even obtained the permits you need.

But it’s key to plan the interior layout as well. Where will your tool bench go? Where will you put your seasonal decorations? When all these issues are solved before the first board is nailed, you have a greater chance of achieving satisfaction from the finished product.

Below are some of the top reasons we recommend going with a shed loft when designing your new outbuilding.

A Dual-Purpose Building Offers a Greater ROI

When you build a shed for storage, it’s easy for your items to take over the space. If boxes start piling up, you may quickly forget that you have usable square footage with the potential for something more.

A shed loft helps clearly delineate which area is meant for storage and which part of the space is for other uses. You can set up a work area and still have room for all the items you need to store — just put them up in the loft instead of on the floor. When you can use your shed for more than storage, you see a greater return on your investment from a functional standpoint.

Organized Storage Is Better Than Just Storage

Your new shed adds a significant amount of storage space, but this might not be as beneficial once you let stored items take over. A shed loft provides the built-in organization you need to make sure you maximize every square inch of storage and keep it organized. What’s the point of storing something if you can never find it? A loft can help mitigate this problem.

Get Options at A-Shed USA

At A-Shed USA, you’ll find we have a range of shed loft additions you can add to your new outbuilding blueprint. Add the space you need — we fill orders quickly, so it’s just a matter of time until you reach a new level of organization. Call A-Shed USA today!

DIY Shed Kit Drawbacks

DIY Shed Kit Drawbacks

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Choosing a DIY shed kit might seem like the cheapest, fastest solution when you need extra storage and you need it fast. But does it really deliver on the benefits many of these DIY shed kit suppliers talk about?

DIY Shed Kit Drawbacks

When it comes down to it, saving money is good, but what if the shed doesn’t last longer than one Utah winter? What if you can’t even finish building it? These are questions you should ask yourself before spending money on a shed kit, no matter how inexpensive it may be. If it doesn’t deliver on expectations, it’s a waste of money.

Below are four main drawbacks to depending on a kit to resolve your outdoor storage needs.

Customization Is Limited

With a predetermined layout, you can’t expand the dimensions of a DIY shed kit. If you’re looking for a building to adapt to specifications, you are out of luck. Making changes to the shed will be difficult, and you’ll likely end up frustrated if the kit doesn’t turn out the way you expected. When you order a pre-fab or a custom-built shed, you get control over the project.

Durability Is Questionable

Since DIY shed kits aren’t finished by a professional, they usually aren’t guaranteed to last as long as a building that is built by a contractor on site. If you’re looking for a shed to last the long term, this probably isn’t it.

Bad Instructions Can Sabotage the Project

The quality of the finished product will likely be a direct result of the quality of the directions. If you aren’t a construction expert, you will need clear, easy-to-follow steps to complete the job. And if the instructions are not detailed, you’ll be annoyed and may have to guess — not a recipe for a high-quality result.

You Need Time and Tools

As much as you may believe you’re saving by going the DIY route, you’re probably not if you count the time it will take you to put together the project. You’ll also need some tools too, and if you don’t already have them, that’s another expense.

Leave it to Us

A shed we create will deliver on its value year after year. A-Shed USA invests in high-quality workmanship and materials, and those pay off in benefits to you. If you’re concerned about the quality of a DIY shed kit, explore your other options. Let’s see if we can offer a better alternative. Call us today.

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