Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows in Storage Sheds

When considering the various qualities of a new shed you’re looking to purchase, one choice you’ll have to make is fairly straightforward: Windows or no windows? Sheds are used for a wide variety of purposes, and your needs and space requirements might dictate whether or not you choose a style that includes windows.

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud to offer a wide range of storage shed options that feature various window or no-window designs, from Ranch style options that generally do have windows to smaller YardMaster choices that may or may not. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of choosing windows for your shed before you make your choice.

Benefits of Windows in Sheds

  • Air flow: For those who use the shed for more than just a simple storage area, and particularly those who complete projects or crafts inside them, windows will generally be a must due to the air flow benefits they provide. Air inside sheds that have no windows will get stale and stuffy a lot quicker than air that’s able to circulate between inside and outside – if you’re just using the shed to store the lawnmower and some other items this is fine, but you’ll need windows if you plan to spend any time in there.
  • Natural light: Down somewhat related lines, sheds with windows are far more open to natural light than those without. This won’t be an issue if all you care about is storing items, but it will be if you need the space for anything else. Hooking the shed up to electricity is generally much more expensive and comes with significant hassle and maintenance needs.
  • Aesthetics: If you’re considering how the shed looks on your property, windows are the way to go. They make it look more stylish and will help keep your home’s curb appeal up.

Drawbacks of Windows in Sheds

  • Poor sealing: While this downside of windows in sheds is avoidable, it’s a real concern for some who aren’t able to perform proper sealing. Moisture, bugs, and other hazards may find their way into the shed if the sealing isn’t done well, and these can wear down the shed and cause you major repair hassle and expense. Meanwhile, a poorly-sealed shed will not provide the same kinds of air flow benefits as those that are properly sealed.
  • Break-ins: Windows do tend to be an easier mark for thieves and burglars, and most sheds don’t have alarm systems to protect from this. We recommend against keeping any high-value items in there (besides those like lawnmowers, which are tough to move and not usually worth a thief’s time), and if you must do so, we advise using window curtains or a motion sensor light for the back yard for a bit of added security.

For more on whether or not to choose windows on your new shed, or to learn about any of our storage sheds, garages or custom buildings, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.


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