10 Creative Ways to Use a Storage Shed

Many homeowners believe you have to use a storage shed the way it’s traditionally meant to function: for storage. Don’t fall for this. Storage sheds can offer you so much more than a space to put your holiday decorations.

Here are 10 creative alternative uses for your new outbuilding:

Children’s Playhouse

Let your children use their imaginations and enter the world of pretend with their very own real-life dollhouse. You can paint it their favorite color, install shelving for their toys and let them create their own fantasyland right in the backyard.


Do you have a green thumb? If you don’t, maybe a converted shed could help you develop your skills. A greenhouse is especially helpful if you live in a region with harsh temperatures. You can continue to help your plants thrive year-round.

Home Gym

No more working out in your dingy basement or dark garage. Use a storage shed to accommodate all of your workout equipment, and you’ll have your very own home gym. It may even motivate you to stick with your exercise routine longer!

Art Studio

Art supplies take up an enormous amount of space. If you’re a painter, sculptor or potter, you know this firsthand. Instead of cluttering your kitchen table, use a storage shed for your art studio, and you can spread out and let the creative juices flow.

Home Office

Convert your shed into a useable office and you’ll have the shortest commute ever. Just bring your hot cup of coffee out back in the morning, then you can leave work behind when it’s time to close up shop for the day.

Outdoor Man Cave

You can add electricity, heat and lighting to custom sheds — everything you need to accommodate a flat-screen TV and a minifridge filled with drinks. You’ll have a new spot to host football-watching parties on the weekend.

Peaceful Meditation Spot

Spread out your yoga mat, set up your massage table and light candles — your new meditation room is ready for you.

Pool House

Custom-design your storage shed to work like a pool house. Stock up on towels, snacks and drinks, and set up seating in case you need a break from the sun.

Guest Retreat

Yes, it’s possible to build a storage shed that functions more like a guest room. Your guests will feel special. They’ll have their own space reserved just for them.

Quilting Room

Another activity that requires quite a bit of room is quilting. Move all of your quilting supplies out of the spare room and into your dedicated quilting hut.

See? You don’t have to use a storage shed in customary ways for it to add convenience to your life. Call A-Shed USA to learn more about designing a custom storage shed.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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