Wiring a Backyard Shed: What You Need to Know

Put your backyard shed in a new light — with electricity! A shed with power is so much more useful. You can install lights so you can use the shed when it gets dark, and you can put in outlets so you can use your power tools. It makes your shed more like an extension of your garage or basement, instead of a dark cavern where it’s impossible to find what you need.

But before you take on a big wiring project, read our tips.

You Will Probably Need a Permit

Electrical work almost always requires a permit. Make sure you pull permits before starting the work or you could face fines. Call your local building office to learn what documentation you need to provide to receive permit approval.

Underground Is Your Best Bet

Running electrical lines above ground is usually not recommended for a shed. Instead, run wiring out to the shed via a specialized underground conduit. But be wary of installing this without identifying all other possible utility lines in its path. Consider this when choosing your backyard shed’s location and talk to your gas and water companies about underground lines.

You May Need to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

If your home’s panel is capable of servicing at least 200 amps, the power your backyard shed draws from the panel probably won’t overload it. But if your panel is outdated, this could be a problem. Panels with capacity of only 60 to 100 amps are likely barely capable of handling a modern home’s electrical appliances and devices, never mind power to an entire shed.

Talk to an electrician about the capability of your home’s electrical panel and research your upgrade options if need be.

You Need a Professional

While you’re talking to your electrician about your panel, see if they’ll handle the entire project. Unless you have a license and many years of experience in the field, electrical wiring isn’t a DIY project you should take on. In fact, your town’s building code may require that a licensed electrician handle the job.

Building a New Shed? Contact Us.

It can be frustrating to try to work inside a backyard shed that doesn’t have lighting, but don’t spend your time and money working toward adding electricity to a shed that’s dingy and outdated. Instead, invest in a new shed, then add wiring after your installation is complete!

Get a quote for a custom sheds from A-Shed USA today.

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