What’s the Cost of a New Garage? 

You’ve probably seen a range of estimates on the cost of a new garage. Some sources might tell you the project can get done for about $15,000, while others budget closer to $40,000. That’s a huge range, and you’re right to question the accuracy of these estimates.

But no one can tell you exactly what the cost of a new garage will be until they consider your answers to the questions below.

Do You Need Your Old Garage Demolished?

If your garage needs to be knocked down and the debris hauled away, you’ll have to add that cost into your budget. This is a big job that must be executed by experienced professionals.

Are You Investing in a Custom Design?

You can choose a standard garage plan, or you can opt for a custom design that gives you an extra level of control over all the little details. Customization gives you more of what you want, but expect to pay extra for it.

What Materials Would You Prefer?

High-quality materials cost more, but it’s important to get the right balance of durability and affordability. This is easier to achieve with an experienced garage-building team on your side.

Are There Permit Costs?

Depending on where you live, your city may require a building permit and copies of all plans. This will incur an additional cost, so factor this into your budget as well.

Do You Want Attached or Detached?

There’s a big difference in the cost of a new garage that’s attached to your home versus one that’s detached. Since attached garages typically use a wall of your home, the cost of materials for this option is lower.

Do You Need a Foundation?

The size of your garage, the underlying soil composition and local building code will determine whether your garage will need a foundation. A foundation will drive up the cost.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Do you want to park multiple cars inside? Would you like space to work as well? The more garage doors you need, the higher the price.

We Can Answer All Additional Questions

It’s hard to outline exactly how much you should budget when considering the cost of a new garage, but when you talk one-on-one with our experienced team, you’ll get a more accurate view. Contact A-Shed USA to learn more about pricing.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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