Storing Your Motorcycle in a Custom Building

The do’s and don’ts of storing your motorcycle differ depending on the climate in which you live. In the Intermountain West region, snow is a guarantee, so storing your motorcycle in a dry, insulated place is even more important.

When winter’s cold and precipitation begin to threaten, make sure your bike is protected and safe.

Why Can’t You Leave it Outside?

Newbie bikers always ask this question. The answer is simple: wear and tear. Winter brings snow, then snow melts and brings water, and water leads to rust. You don’t want to leave your motorcycle outside — it may never look the same again.

Beyond the grime that builds up over winter and the potential for rust that threatens your bike, think about how the cold affects operation. Cold weather taxes the battery. While bike covers or portable tents could work to keep your motorcycle safe from the winter elements, there is no guarantee that they’ll be sturdy enough to help withstand extremes.

Can You Fit it in Your Garage or Shed?

If you already have a garage or shed, you’re probably thinking, “No problem — I’ll just store my bike there!” But have you considered the true space requirements you’ll need?

If you’re serious about protecting your bike, it’s not ideal to try to squeeze it in between your car and the garage wall. It’s also not good to store it among your metal rakes and garden pots in your tool shed. Your bike needs enough buffer space to avoid getting scratched or dented.

A Motorcycle Storage Shed Is the Best Option

Experienced bikers will tell you that a designated motorcycle storage shed is truly the best option for keeping your ride safe all winter. It’s much less likely to get knocked about and it will be protected from moisture.

When your shed is built with functionality in mind, you’ll have plenty of space to work on your ride all winter. Even when riding conditions are subpar, you’ll have the elbow room you need to customize your bike in preparation for the snow melt.

Preparing Your Bike for Winter

Even if you’re storing your motorcycle in its own custom building, it’s still important to take preventive steps to mitigate any weather-related damage. Since you won’t be riding it for a few months, run fuel stabilizer through the tank and fulfill regular service requirements such as an oil change. Ensure tire pressure is correct, and wash and wax the exterior.

Get the Protection Your Bike Deserves

Talk to A-Shed USA about how much it would cost to create custom buildings just for your bike. If storing your motorcycle in a safe, protected space is your priority, we can help you make it happen.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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