Risks Present in Purchasing Used Sheds, Part 1

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud of the quality of materials we use across all our products. Whether you’re buying a storage shed, garage or some other kind of custom building, our contractors only use the best materials available that will last you decades.

Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily get the same kind of quality guarantee when you purchase a used shed instead of one of our new options. Even if the shed appears to be in great shape from what you can see, there are several potential hidden costs involved that might raise not only the percentage of your budget spent, but also your stress levels due to future issues. This two-part blog will look at several of these possible hidden cost areas, and why buying new materials for your shed is generally the most cost-effective way to go.

Difficulty of Comparing Components

The first issue that you often run into in this realm is the trouble with comparing various products or components within the shed world. Different manufacturers make sheds in varying ways, and even some of those that make very similar products may use different terms or jargon for them that won’t be consistent across the industry.

Consider an area like pressure treatment on lumber, something that some manufacturers utilize and others do not. Simply by looking at a used shed, you won’t be able to tell whether floor joists or other important pieces are pressure treated or not – you also might not be able to see rot or other issues with the floor joists until you’ve already bought the shed and are hauling it away. This same theme applies to several potential areas that you may not realize until you’ve already made a bad purchase.

Possible Repairs Needed

In many cases, used sheds will be sold as-is – any issues that remain with them are the responsibility of the buyer. And even if you bring a knowledgeable person with you to such a sale to help you inspect the shed for any issues, there could be concerns even a keen eye doesn’t spot. Areas like potential rot or mold in unseen areas, animal damage, or various forms of corrosion often give off no visible signs until it’s too late, and once you buy the shed, you’re on the hook for all of these.

Reason for Sale

Another big question that often comes up during a used shed sale: Why is it being sold in the first place? You might run into occasional cases where a shed was purchased but then required a larger or differently-functioning replacement, but the majority of the time, sheds are being sold because there’s something wrong with them – and once again, once you make the purchase, any such issues are fully on you.

For more on why buying used sheds can be a risk, or to learn about any of our quality, durable shed options, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

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