Protecting Storage Shed From Fire Risks, Part 1

Many parts of the country are in fire season currently, and this is one of the worst – if not the worst – in recent memory. Property owners around the western United States should be taking care to both protect their property and limit any activities that might serve as fire risks, and this includes those who have storage sheds on their property.

At A-Shed USA, we’re happy to not only offer a wide range of quality custom storage sheds, but also expertise on proper use and several protection areas, including fire protection. What are some basic ways you can ensure your shed and the rest of your property are protected from potential fire risks, and what are some long-term forms of protection that should also be in place in case of disaster outside your control? This two-part blog series will answer these questions and more for all shed owners.

Shed Fire Risks

Sheds can be a fire risk for a couple relatively apparent reasons. The first is their material, which is often flammable to some degree, and the second is the presence of various potential items that are often flammable as well.

Consider that many homeowners use their garden shed to store items like furniture, fuels, garden equipment, gas cylinders and many others that are directly flammable – and often hard to extinguish once they ignite. Especially if these items are stored improperly or haphazardly, their fire risk increases even further. Other risks that could be present in some sheds include things like electrical wiring, lighting systems and similar themes.

General Fire Reduction Themes

On a day-to-day basis, here are some general tips we can offer on protecting your shed and the surrounding area from any fire risks:

  • Store any fuel, oil or other highly flammable substances in sealed and approved containers that have their own dedicated, out-of-the-way location.
  • If you have any chemicals, fuels or other flammable substances that are not regularly used, do not store them in the shed.
  • Secure your shed against theft and deliberate fire using a security light or other techniques.
  • Check any electronics or wiring in the shed to ensure there are no operational issues or frayed wires. Also check any power sockets and circuit breakers that connect to the shed, plus ensure they are not overloaded at any point.
  • When installing a new shed and choosing its location, ensure it’s far enough away from all other major structures on the property that if a fire does begin outside your control, it can be contained to the shed alone.

For more how to limit fire risks on your storage shed, or to learn about any of our storage sheds, garden sheds or other shed solutions, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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