How to Decide Where to Build a Shed

Knowing where to build storage sheds doesn’t come to you in an instant. It takes research, thought and advice. Storage sheds have so many requirements. They have to be durable, big enough to hold your items, in compliance with local building code and more.

Before you make your decision on where to build a shed, go through the following steps.

Determine Building Dimensions

First, think about how large your shed should be. Measure your lawnmower. Sketch out dimensions for shelving and an area for your tool bench. Don’t invest in a shed that you’ll outgrow immediately. Build a shed that will give you all the space you need. Once you have the right dimensions on paper, it will be easier to determine where the shed should go.

Check Local Building Code

Next, check in with your town’s zoning office. Each town has its own municipal standards for additional buildings on your property. You will have to submit your plans eventually, before you can break ground, so it’s best to make sure your plans will meet code standards in the planning stage.

Some towns require a certain amount of clearance around a shed or garage, so examining code standards can help you narrow down your placement options.

Think About Accessibility

When you’re thinking about where to build a shed, it comes down to accessibility. Will the shed’s central purpose be extra storage? Then don’t position it too far from your home — you want to be able to retrieve your items easily, as needed.

Will your shed’s main purpose be to house gardening tools and your lawnmower? Build it close to your gardens.

Consider Curb Appeal

Think about how the shed will look from the street. If you’re building a gorgeous new shed that will match your home’s exterior, there’s no reason to hide it away in the corner of your yard! Don’t be afraid to show off your new outbuilding — it can increase your curb appeal and overall home value.

Light and Heat Are Important Factors

Consider the amount of sunlight that will reach your shed. Heat from the sun’s UV-rays will age your shed faster than if it’s in the shade. Then again, putting your shed too close to a tree can result in foundational instability from the tree’s growing roots.

Scout the Terrain

Finally, it’s important to make sure you’re building your shed on a solid, even patch of land. A building is only as sturdy as its foundation, so it’s vitally important to scout the terrain before you come to a decision. Check for buried gas and water lines underneath as well.

A-Shed USA can help you determine where to build a shed on your property — we offer free onsite consultations. With well over 20 years of experience, we’re the team you can trust for high-quality materials, detailed construction and sound advice. Call us today.

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