Double-Wide Shed Usage: Item Storage, Art Studio, Home Office

Storage space is a primary need for any property owner installing or upgrading a storage shed, and for those who need significant such space, a double-wide shed setup may be your best bet. Referring to spacious shed units that can hold a large number of items, both horizontally and vertically, double-wide sheds are popular among those who need to store items like lawnmowers, snow-blowers or other large pieces of equipment securely.

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud to offer a wide range of storage shed options, including our J-Series sheds that are some of the largest we have available. And while large item storage is a popular theme for double-wide and similar sheds, it’s far from the only option you have at your disposal — this two-part blog series will go over a number of ways you might choose to utilize a double-wide shed.

Large Item Storage

While we already touched on it above, large item storage is the single most common reason homeowners choose to go with a double-wide shed. If you’re storing lawn and garden equipment, ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles, then a double-wide unit might provide the most convenience and security for your items.

Large item storage is also appealing for those who want to store cars in their backyard, either as a hobby or as a source of additional income. As long as you have access to electricity, and if the model you choose allows for it, you can use your shed as a personal garage where you can keep not just your car but other large items like bikes and equipment.

However, there are many other themes you might consider for a double-wide shed, including the following.

Art Studio

In other cases, you may consider using your larger shed as a studio for your artistic endeavors. Whether you want to spend a little time after work each day painting, playing an instrument or even writing, having the extra space may be conducive to getting in some productive practice time every evening before dinner.

Home Office

Work from home situations have become much more common over the last two years, and these arrangements also benefit from the extra space provided by double-wide sheds. Whether you’re conducting business or just want to spend some time on your home computer, having an organized office area with enough desk and storage space can be a boon for productivity.

Home Gym

Looking for space to work out regularly on your property, but running out of options within your home? Depending on the model you choose, a double-wide shed may have everything you need. As long as it offers low light and is equipped with a fan or AC unit, your shed can be a fine place to ride a bike or lift weights, allowing you to work out every day without having to go anywhere else for your space.

For more on the varying possible uses of double-wide sheds, or to learn about any of our storage sheds, garages or custom buildings, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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