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Signs You Need a New Storage Shed

5 Signs You Need a New Storage Shed

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A new storage shed purchased to replace a faulty or old shed will eliminate hassle in your life.

But how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your current setup to get something new? Consider these tell-tale signs.

1. You Need More Space

When you walk into your shed and look around, what do you see? Is it overcrowded and cluttered? Are shelves caving under the weight of tools, garden supplies and storage boxes? Are stored-away Christmas boxes now lining the closets inside your home because there’s no room in the shed?

If you’ve already cleaned the shed out once or twice in the past year and donated or sold unneeded items but you’re still struggling for space, it could be time for an upgrade. A bigger shed will provide more space for storing your things without feeling claustrophobic. It will eliminate the need for you to store items inside your home, too.

2. If You’re Dealing with Rotting Wood & Foundation Problems

Rotting wood and foundational issues are serious and should be addressed. Often, these problems lead shed owners to purchase something new.

How can you spot rotting wood? If your shed is rotting, the boards will become discolored, taking on a green hue. The boards will start shrinking. They’ll likely smell of mildew, even if it hasn’t rained recently. If more than a handful of boards are causing concern, contact a professional and consider purchasing a new structure.

Foundational issues are typically easy to spot, even from a distance. If your shed’s foundation is experiencing problems, it will lean toward one side. Over time the tilt will increase. If this happens, the situation is likely to be very dangerous — the shed could collapse. Unsecure foundations mean a shed isn’t accessible.

3. Is It Damaged or Leaking?

Has a storm destroyed the roof or a wall, and you’re tired of makeshift fixes that still end with trouble? Every time the weather changes, does your shed fill with water, snow, dead leaves and debris?

If so, maintenance sounds like a major headache, and it’s a responsibility you shouldn’t expect yourself to deal with indefinitely.

A new shed means less unnecessary work for you. Plus, your possessions will be safe from the elements.

4. When Insect Infestations Create Problems

Insect infestations cause a lot of damage. Carpenter ants, boring beetles and termites are some creatures that infest sheds. If damage is too bad and the wood becomes unsalvageable, chances are you need a new shed.

5. It’s Outdated and You’re Ready for a New Storage Shed

As trends go with houses, cars and fashion, your tastes may have changed and you want a different look, even if your old shed didn’t have any major problems.

So, if you’re ready for your new storage shed, call the team at A-Shed USA today!

Unique Benefits of a J-Series Custom Shed

Unique Benefits of a J-Series Custom Shed

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Choosing to purchase a custom shed gives you the freedom to dictate the details. This includes color, exterior and interior design, shape, size, materials and accessories. Classic storage sheds — which are also available custom-made — are efficient and durable, but if you want that extra stylish flair or personal touch, consider a J-Series custom-made shed from A-Shed USA.

When you choose A-Shed to create your custom shed, you get so much more than simple storage space. We provide the most budget-friendly and efficient construction process available. Every custom building lives up to its name, uniquely designed to your exact dimensions and style.

If you’re in the market for a new shed or upgrade, below are some reasons to consider a J-Series shed.

J-Series Sheds Are Fully Customizable

The J-Series goes one step further than the average custom shed by being fully customizable.

Some particularly imaginative J-Series structures have included weekend cabins, backyard offices, playhouses and more. So don’t hesitate to share your custom ideas with us — we want to hear your creative suggestions and design ideas so that we can make your dream shed a reality.

Aside from the customizations, why do customers choose J-Series sheds? The unique style doesn’t often end up looking like a shed, which is a huge plus for many style-conscious clients who aren’t thrilled with the idea of a barn-style shed in their backyard.

Additionally, people opt for these sheds because with the increase of the roof pitch and higher walls, these buildings have a much roomier feel to them. This means that when you’re inside, you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling many smaller sheds create.

Custom Sheds Provide More Accessories & Features

J-Series sheds are some of our most popular structures. Custom features like roof pitch, shingles, paint colors and exterior surfaces aren’t a problem for us.

J-Series sheds combine the most popular extra features requested by clients who want a budget-friendly package.

The package typically includes:

  • Taller walls and steeper trusses

  • Radiant barrier material in trusses

  • Coated flooring

  • Ridge venting

  • Larger boxed overhangs, eaves, and gables

  • Three configuration options

Additional customizable features and accessories include:

  • More venting options

  • Double doors (6 feet and 8 feet)

  • Windows available in other sizes

  • Ramps (8 by 30 inches)

  • Lofting (standard and drop)

  • Shelving (16 and 24 inches)

  • Many exterior options including brick, linoleum, shingles and more

A-Shed USA’s Guarantee

Our team of professional experts is ready to make your custom design a reality. Each structure we build comes with a 10-year warranty as a reminder of our loyalty. Call us today to get started!

Out-of-the-Box Shed Usage Ideas

Out-of-the-Box Shed Usage Ideas

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Storage sheds are only for storing equipment like lawnmowers, tools and garden supplies, right? The practical conclusion is that if you don’t own these things, then you probably don’t need a shed.

However, sheds are good for a variety of non-standard uses, and with some imagination, you can create an innovative space that would otherwise have never been an option — especially if you don’t have extra space inside your home.

Even if you already own a shed, consider the following transformative solutions if you’re looking for — or you’re open to — creative remodeling ideas.

An important note: Climate control is a necessary component for all the creative shed usage suggestions below. Not only is it imperative for your health and comfort, but if you store valuable items in your shed such as books, documents, paperwork, furniture, works of art, electronics, musical instruments, electronics and more, invest in appropriate climate control methods such as space heaters for winter and air conditioning units during summer months.

Transform Your Storage Shed into a Home Office

Do you work from home part time or full time? Or do you simply need a quiet weekend retreat in your backyard to take care of extra work or projects? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider turning your storage shed into an office. Set the space up according to your specific needs, and get to work!

Turn it into an Art or Music Studio

Alternatively, transform your storage shed into an office of a different sort. If you’re artistic but hindered by the lack of space in your home, why not turn your storage shed into a studio?

You can indulge just about any creative outlet in a private workspace. You can play, practice or record music; make pottery, paint, draw, write and more. Using your storage shed as an artist loft pays off financially, too, because now you don’t have to worry about renting space elsewhere.

Run a Small Business from Your Shed

While you may need to figure out a few legal and homeowners association logistics with this concept, if you’re a small-business owner or want to become one but don’t have the space, consider using your storage shed as home base.

Sell your art, baked goods, used books, homemade smoothies, handmade textiles and more from your shed. Clients will appreciate the rustic charm, and nothing says “local” like an artist or business owner selling quality goods from their own backyard.

Are you ready to upgrade your storage shed into a creative space or have a custom unit built to fit your artistic or business needs? Contact the trusted professionals at A-Shed USA to get started on your project!

Keep Your Shed from Getting Cluttered

4 Ways to Keep Your Shed from Getting Cluttered

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Keeping your shed from getting cluttered, like any form of maintenance, is all about staying motivated.

It’s easy to let things pile up, especially if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes you might toss tools or gardening supplies inside carelessly, planning to clean them up “later.”

For most of us, that “later” doesn’t happen until we realize we’ve got a full-scale cleaning project on our hands. To avoid that, we have some suggestions for keeping your shed organized.

Make Storage Bins & Shelves Your Best Friends

The key to staying organized is to have appropriate storage space.

Group smaller items together by theme. For example, consider keeping all your gardening supplies like fertilizer and soil in a storage bin, and place gardening tools in easy-to-reach places on shelves above.

Always try to put the items back in their places so you don’t have to waste time rummaging through the shed to track them down.

Keep the things you use the most toward the front of the shed, especially the smaller items, so you don’t have to climb over things every time you need them.

Once all the smaller items like tools have been stowed neatly away in bins or on shelves, then you’ll have plenty of leftover space for the big toys like lawnmowers and tractors. And when you have the area surrounding them mess-free, it makes getting the tractor out of the shed and cutting the grass feel a little less like a chore.

For Each New Item, Donate or Sell Another

Another way to keep your shed from getting cluttered is to make a pact with yourself: Within reason, for each new item you purchase, consider donating or selling something you already have.

You just bought a new tool kit and added it to your collection that’s 10 years old — but do you really still need that old kit?

By being conscious of your inventory and keeping track of what you’ve recently bought versus what could find a new home, you’ll succeed in keeping the shed from getting sloppy.

Seasonal Shed Clean-Outs

At the beginning or end of each season, a clean-out is a good way to stay on top of keeping your shed tidy.

Plus, an overhaul means more space for new projects in the coming months, which is convenient year-round.

Upgrade to Something Bigger

If you still find yourself struggling for space, maybe an upgrade is what you need. At A-Shed USA, we have dozens of shapes and designs to pick from. Give us a call today to find out more!

Choosing the Right Shed

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When it comes to choosing the right shed, there are a variety of factors to consider. These include budget concerns, space requirements and a few other practical but easy decisions like the importance of your new shed’s appearance.

Before you buy, take a look at our tips below!

Talking Budget

The first question to ask is, “What can I afford?”

The answer sets the scene for the entire project. If you’re in the market for a new shed, you’ll want to stick with what you can practically afford.

Smaller, compact options make sense for a tight budget. But if you have a little wiggle room, you can go big and tack on additional features and accessories.

Additionally, if the shed of your dreams is a little out of your budget’s comfort zone, consider saving up and waiting a year or so until you can afford the upgrade.

Keep in mind that at A-Shed USA, we care about our customers, and to take a load off your shoulders, all our prices include professional installation.

What’s the Practical Purpose of Your Shed?

Once you’ve got the budget squared away, now it’s time to move on to selecting the appropriate style. But in order to figure that out, you’ll need to know what purpose your shed will serve.

If your shed will primarily be used for storage, hobbies and projects, one of our durable ranch or barn styles could be perfect. That’s the case especially if you know you’ll be working on big projects or will need a room for large tools, machines and appliances.

For gardening, J-Series and YardMaster options are sleek and practical solutions.

How Important Are Aesthetics?

It might not seem so at first, but this is an important question to ask when you’re researching and shopping: Do you want something cute and appealing that will make your back yard look that much better? Or does a classic, rustic shed seem more your style?

What’s Your Space Situation?

The amount of space you’ll have in the yard is another factor to consider. If you have a small yard and value the green space, opt for a smaller shed. Likewise, if the yard is small but you don’t mind how much space the structure takes up, then go for something larger that will better suit your specific needs.

Remembering to be considerate of neighbors by not blocking any views or creating what could easily be an eyesore is a plus, too, especially if you’ll be working on noisy or messy projects.

Are you ready for your new shed? The team at A-Shed USA is here to help, so give us a call today!


Plastic, Metal or Wooden Shed: Which Is Best for You? 

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Wooden sheds are popular, but plastic and metal are great options as well. Maybe you haven’t been thinking about material for your new shed — you’ve been focusing on style or budget. But material type dictates style. So choosing either a plastic, metal or wooden shed has to be one of your first steps in the decision-making process.


The Pros of Plastic

Plastic sheds are usually super cheap. It’s why they’re a popular DIY option. Just pick up the kit from your local home improvement store and put it together yourself in a weekend. It’s a fast solution for a homeowner who just needs to store smaller items.

You might not want to store a ride-on lawnmower inside a plastic shed — not only because it won’t fit, but because it’s not sturdy enough for a mountainous winter climate. At the same time, it works for storing beach chairs and lawn furniture, and maybe some garden tools.

If you want your plastic garden shed to last, make sure you bolt it to the ground, or else you could be in for an unwelcome surprise if it blows away.

Why Metal Is Smart

Metal is just a bit more durable than plastic. It’s a higher-caliber option when you’re trying to protect valued pieces of equipment from strong winds and endless precipitation. Metal is often thought of as a dull gray, ugly option, but metal sheds come in a range of colors.

Another big pro of metal is that you won’t find any bugs trying to make their home in the walls, as can be the case with a wooden shed. It’s on the lower end of many budgets as well, perhaps even cheaper than plastic. But you can’t customize it as easily as a wooden shed, and it’s usually highly prone to leaking.

Wood Is Sturdy and Durable

Wood is one of the most durable, long-lasting shed materials. When you build a wooden shed, you aren’t just solving your immediate storage needs. You are adding value to your property. It raises curb appeal and it’s strong — you would feel comfortable using your wooden shed as an extension of your home if you need extra living space!

It might be a larger investment up front, but the value of a wooden shed pays off for years to come.

Let’s Build Together

A-Shed USA offers high-quality construction of wooden sheds for your property, built from any of our predetermined blueprints or based on a custom design of your choice. By only using the best materials we can find and putting our decades of experience to work, we deliver backyard sheds of exceptional craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. Get more information on what it would cost for our team to build one for you — contact A-Shed USA today.

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6 HOA Shed Restrictions to Be Aware Of 

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HOA shed restrictions could get in your way when you’re planning a custom backyard storage shed. If you live in an area governed by a homeowners association, don’t get too far along in the build before checking the rules that all property owners must follow when erecting outdoor structures (or making any updates at all!) on their property.

Below are six potential HOA shed restrictions you might face during the build process.

Approval Process

Homeowners associations usually allow shed building, but only after an approval process. You will have to submit a plan, drawings and potentially even pictures of what it will look like before the build committee will approve the project.

Total Footprint

Your HOA rules likely have maximum dimensions spelled out. The concern about the “total footprint” typically comes down to its relation to your lot size. For example, many HOAs only allow sheds to cover a maximum of 1 percent of the lot.

Maximum Height

Height is another area under close watch by many HOAs. And it’s not just how high the roof reaches; they probably have regulations for the maximum height of the walls as well.


You may be limited in where you can place your new shed. Can it be visible from the street? Should it be set back a certain distance from the street? Does it have to be a specified distance from the property line?

These questions are important to consider in the planning process. You need to find a spot that’s convenient for you but doesn’t violate the rules. It’s nearly impossible to move a shed once it’s built without damaging it.

The Look

If you had to pick a category, you’d probably assume most of the rules governing shed building revolve around appearance. You’d be right! Many homeowners associations regulate the material used for siding — wood, aluminum or vinyl. They also have strict rules on roofing materials as well as slope. Colors matter too. You may have to paint it to match your home or you may have a specific palette of accent colors you can choose from.


If your property is governed by an HOA, your sheds will probably need to have a solid floor. This likely rules out many of the prefabricated sheds you’d purchase at a home improvement store, since you can’t depend on dirt or gravel as the base.

These HOA shed restrictions might not apply to your neighborhood, but you don’t want to find out after you’ve violated the code. Check in with your HOA before you begin the build and remember: A-Shed USA builds custom sheds to match any set of restrictions.

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Shed Maintenance: What Do You Need to Do?

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If you keep up with shed maintenance, your new outbuilding will look better and last longer. After you’ve put in the time, money and effort to build a backyard shed, you want to get the most out of it.

Trust Our 10-Year Warranty

First, it’s important to know that A-Shed USA offers a 10-year limited warranty on all our sheds. We are that confident in the quality of our construction. We take full responsibility for any builder defect that causes problems with your shed.

You can depend on our capable, skilled building team to take care of the issue quickly — just give us a call. For the warranty to be valid, you must paint siding within 90 days of delivery, proof of paint purchase required.

What to Watch For

Always keep an eye on your shed’s siding, looking for signs of peeling or flaking. A-Shed USA uses high-quality siding that comes with a manufacturer’s 50-year warranty. But it’s essential that you keep up with painting it regularly so that it’s protected from the elements.

What You Can Do

How can you can extend the life of your shed?

First, trim all overhanging tree branches. In a bad storm, a branch could break and fall on the roof. This could potentially be catastrophic for your backyard shed. Even if overhanging branches don’t look dead, it’s best to stay proactive and prune them before they cause a problem.

Also trim vegetation around the edges of the shed. This will help prevent insect infestations as well as moisture buildup, which could lead to rot. Direct lawn sprinklers away from your shed to avoid repeatedly soaking it unnecessarily.

Another shed maintenance tip is to make sure water doesn’t drain toward your shed. Pooling water near the shed’s foundation can lead to damage, mold and rot. It could eventually weaken the entire structure. Assess your landscaping’s drainage patterns and talk to a professional for tips on how to redirect water flow if necessary.

Call Us Right Away

Notice a problem with your storage shed? Don’t wait — call our team right away. If you’re ready to replace an outdated shed with a new outbuilding, you can view our prices online or get in touch with us and share your thoughts on a custom construction. A-Shed USA is your top resource for shed maintenance and new builds.

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Wiring a Backyard Shed: What You Need to Know

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Put your backyard shed in a new light — with electricity! A shed with power is so much more useful. You can install lights so you can use the shed when it gets dark, and you can put in outlets so you can use your power tools. It makes your shed more like an extension of your garage or basement, instead of a dark cavern where it’s impossible to find what you need.

But before you take on a big wiring project, read our tips.

You Will Probably Need a Permit

Electrical work almost always requires a permit. Make sure you pull permits before starting the work or you could face fines. Call your local building office to learn what documentation you need to provide to receive permit approval.

Underground Is Your Best Bet

Running electrical lines above ground is usually not recommended for a shed. Instead, run wiring out to the shed via a specialized underground conduit. But be wary of installing this without identifying all other possible utility lines in its path. Consider this when choosing your backyard shed’s location and talk to your gas and water companies about underground lines.

You May Need to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

If your home’s panel is capable of servicing at least 200 amps, the power your backyard shed draws from the panel probably won’t overload it. But if your panel is outdated, this could be a problem. Panels with capacity of only 60 to 100 amps are likely barely capable of handling a modern home’s electrical appliances and devices, never mind power to an entire shed.

Talk to an electrician about the capability of your home’s electrical panel and research your upgrade options if need be.

You Need a Professional

While you’re talking to your electrician about your panel, see if they’ll handle the entire project. Unless you have a license and many years of experience in the field, electrical wiring isn’t a DIY project you should take on. In fact, your town’s building code may require that a licensed electrician handle the job.

Building a New Shed? Contact Us.

It can be frustrating to try to work inside a backyard shed that doesn’t have lighting, but don’t spend your time and money working toward adding electricity to a shed that’s dingy and outdated. Instead, invest in a new shed, then add wiring after your installation is complete!

Get a quote for a custom sheds from A-Shed USA today.

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5 Fun Ways You Can Use a New Shed This Summer

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A new shed offers a world of possibilities for summer fun and enjoyment in your backyard. While we fully support you using your new shed any way you please, take a look at our top five suggestions.

1. Create a Craft Room

Are you a crafty person? If so, you know it’s hard to leave your supplies out on the kitchen counter or even in your office. You need to use those areas for other tasks, and your family will probably complain about the mess.

What if you had a dedicated craft space you could use just for your next big project? Build a shed with this in mind. “Hobby huts” are a lot more common than you might think.

2. Build a Pool House

A new shed doesn’t have to be used as a place to store garden tools. You can use it to store pool supplies! Or even better, you could make it a hangout to entertain guests in between swims. Load a mini-fridge with snacks, set up a pool table, install a bar counter and you have a pool house ready for a summer of fun.

3. Make a Playhouse

When your kids are at the age where imagination rules their waking hours, give them a new shed as a playhouse where they can let their ideas run free. Style it like a castle or a cottage and let them decorate it to fit with their imaginings.

4. Use it as a Greenhouse

Use your new shed to exercise your green thumb! Turn it into a greenhouse. There are many plants that thrive so much better when they have some shelter from the dry desert heat. All you’ll need is a watering system and an organized setup, and you can quickly adapt your shed to a plant nursery.

5. Just Relax on Your Shed’s Front Porch

Pour a drink, light a cigar and smell the sweet evening air as you rock on your shed’s front porch, watching twilight fall on your backyard. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a hot, hectic day. If you’d rather have a view of your lawn instead of a view of the street, move your relaxation session to the backyard.

If you love all these ideas, you’ll want to get started making your new shed a reality.

Call A-Shed USA. We help you find the new shed style that fits exactly what you’re looking for. If we can’t, we custom build it for you. You deserve the perfect setup for summer fun, and we always deliver.

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