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design tips man cave

Design Tips for a Perfect Man Cave

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At A-Shed USA, we’re a custom building contractor dedicated to providing you with all the materials and structures you need around the home. From our storage sheds to our garage builder services and more, we’ll take you through every step of this process and help you get the perfect materials.

We can also help with alternative uses for these structures, and one such alternative that’s growing quickly in popularity is the man cave, or its counterpart, the she shed. These gender-specific fun zones are perfect ways for both husbands and wives to escape for a little bit and/or spend time with their friends, and sheds are often the perfect location for a little getaway like this. Let’s go over some of the key factors that go into creating a great man cave or she shed using one of our great shed products.

Basic Comfort

The first and simplest area to consider for any man cave or she shed is basic comfort for the occupants. For our customers in Denver and SLC climates, which get cold for long swaths of the year, this means it’s important to install insulation as well as air conditioning and/or heating areas.

This means you’ll need to have the shed hooked up electrically, which can be done easily by an electrician for most smaller shed options. We can offer recommendations if you’re looking for good local pros who can help you with these important comfort areas, which can be valuable in both the summer and winter.


Once you’re confident anyone in the shed space will be comfortable from a temperature standpoint, it’s time to ensure they have comfortable places to relax as well. Many of your choices here will depend on how much space you have, as well as what other items you’re planning to put in the shed – if you’re lugging in a foosball table, for instance, you might have to consider less bulky seating options. Bean bag chairs and couches tend to work well, and some people get creative and rig up various hanging seating formats using different materials from around the home.

Beverages and Refreshments

This one goes along with having electricity set up – once that’s done, be sure to install a mini-fridge or even a normal fridge with some go-to refreshments for whenever you need them. No good man cave is complete without these. For those who really want to go all-out and have it in their budget, you can consider installing a fully functional bar with a keg installation piece.


And finally, make sure everyone in the man cave has what they need to enjoy themselves. Hook up a basic TV and perhaps a video game system, plus a sound system for some music. If there’s space, look to other entertainment like dart boards, game tables or similar hobby areas.

For more on creating the perfect man cave or she shed using our durable shed options, or for more info on any of our quality sheds, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

factors new shed placement

Factors in New Shed Placement

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At A-Shed USA, we’re your one-stop shop for all storage shed-related needs and desires. Our quality sheds, from barn sheds to ranch sheds and several other options, offer you a full range of choices when it comes to your storage or other needs outside the home.

We can also help with one of the primary questions many of our customers have for us at purchase time: Where is the optimal location to place my shed on my property? There are a few important factors that go into making this determination, from the functions you want from the shed to the size of your property and more. Let’s go over three areas you should be considering as you choose the location of your shed.


One of the primary factors in shed location selection will be exactly what you need to use the shed for, and what this means in terms of the ways you need to access it. If you plan to store extremely common everyday items, for instance, chances are you want a shed unit that’s a bit closer to your home so you aren’t making a big hike every time you need to access it. This is especially true if you have a large property area.

Another important consideration, especially if you’re a gardener with lots of plants to keep healthy, is how your shed will impact shade and sunlight for plants. Consider whether your placement will impact any plants or trees that need certain amounts of sun, plus whether you might have to trim trees and branches regularly to keep the shed accessible all year long.

Extending Lifespan

At A-Shed USA, we only offer quality, durable sheds to all our customers. These are designed to hold up to the mountain west climate found in Salt Lake City and Denver, including significant snow and moisture buildup.

That said, getting the very most out of your shed long-term is something you can help with – and placement is part of this. Choose areas where it won’t be exposed to excess water if possible, plus those where it won’t be at risk of tree branches or other larger items scraping or damaging it in any way.

Design Elements

And finally, you should be considering the actual design of the shed itself when you’re determining placement. Consider the way the doors open, for instance, and how you can place the shed to make these opening and closing processes simple and non-invasive. Make sure there are no issues with your ability to place items in the shed or remove them. If you’re considering add-ons like hose access or a ramp into the shed, make sure the shed is placed properly so these add-ons are fully optimized.

For more on properly placing a shed, or to learn about any of our quality shed options, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

need permit shed

Do You Need a Permit For Your Shed?

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There are several fun and exciting areas ahead if you’re thinking about installing a new shed on your property. For the engaged homeowner, installing a shed is a major project that can change the way several major gardening and home improvement processes work. It can really change your entire home life.

At A-Shed USA, we’re here to help make this a reality for you. We have a huge variety of shed options, from ranch and barn options to YardMaster and J-Series selections, to ensure your property gets the perfect shed option. We’re also here to help with some of the process-related details that go into purchasing shed materials and installing them – and one of the most important sections for certain sheds or structures here is permits. While not all such buildings require building permits, there will be some in certain counties or locations that do. Let’s go over some basics it’s important to know in this area before you get started with material purchase or shed installation.

No Standard Guidelines

Here’s the issue with sheds and similar buildings when it comes to permits: There’s no set, country-wide guideline in terms of which sizes or styles need permits and which don’t. This means that these decisions end up coming down to the building codes put forth by the county the building is being erected in, and these codes can vary greatly even between counties in the same state.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few basic standards you can expect. For instance, it’s generally accepted in most counties that smaller sheds are well within building code requirements, but that larger sheds or similar buildings might be pushing up against these limits. In the end, the only way to know for sure is by contacting either A-Shed USA or your local building department to ask about the specific qualities of your shed and whether you need a permit for it.

Various Restrictions to Know

Here are some of the various areas where zoning restrictions might limit your ability to build a shed, or specific parts of the shed:

  • Size: Certain counties may have very different limits from others in terms of overall shed size on the property.

  • Location: There may be situations where code requires that you avoid certain areas of the property or certain items when building. These might include trees, property lines, fences, or outdoor pools.

  • Purpose: Most purposes for a shed are just fine, such as storage or gardening concerns, but if you’re planning to use it for uses like additional home living space, for instance, this may not be allowed in your county.

  • Electricity: There could be restrictions on whether you can install electrical wiring, or how it can be wired and connected.

  • Weather: Areas that experience extreme weather may have to meet specific thresholds for holding up to these extremes.

  • Foundation: Before a shed can be placed on previous foundation, said foundation has to be up to code.

For more on whether you need a permit for your shed, or to learn about any of our quality sheds or new garages, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

maximizing shed storage

Maximizing Shed Storage Space

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What’s the primary purpose of virtually any shed you’ll see? Storage and organization. Quality sheds are those that provide these elements with strong, durable materials that will last and protect your tools or belongings from the elements.

At A-Shed USA, we’re here to provide you with these options. We have a huge variety of durable sheds available, from ranch sheds to barn and J-series options and many more. We can also provide assistance in the actual practical use of the shed – namely how you organize it to ensure it serves its optimal purpose. With that in mind, here are a few little tricks we can recommend to help maximize your storage space.

Hooks and Designated Areas

We all know how item storage ends up going if you don’t have designated areas for the things you’re storing, whether it’s clothing, paperwork or outdoor tools. Apply this theme to your shed – break down the important items you’re storing in it, how often you’re using them, and which items relate to each other and might do well stored in close proximity.

From here, arrange your space to make things as convenient as possible. For your most-used items, set up hooks or shelves in prominent areas that area easy to reach. For some that you use less often but still need, consider secondary areas that group items together based on similar uses.

Repurposing Bookcases

A fun and practical trick that many shed owners have utilized? Repurposing other items in the home for use in the storage shed. A bookcase is a fantastic example, an item you can often find at garage or liquidation sales for super-cheap prices. Even a used bookcase can offer excellent storage capacity when used in the shed, whether as converted shelving or broken into smaller pieces. This is a great way to increase your storage capacity without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use the Doors

Shed doors aren’t just there for show – they can be used for vital storage space as well. Many frequent gardeners like to install basic pegs or hooks on the insides of their shed doors, areas where they can then hang basic essentials like light tools or clippers. Other homeowners store their outdoor electronics, such as extension cords and related items, in this area so they always know where these items are.

Mobile Cart

For those who are regularly moving from the shed to the garden and vice versa, you might consider buying an inexpensive mobile cart that serves as both a handy assist and additional storage. This cart can hold some of your essential items as you wheel it around the yard, but then can be easily wheeled back into the shed and used as a storage area when you’re done. If you keep it organized as you garden, you won’t have to worry about things getting out of order.

For more on how to maximize your storage space in the shed, or to learn about any of our storage sheds or shed builders, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

garage contractor

Tips on Finding the Right Garage Contractor

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Finding the right garage contractor for the construction of your new garage can feel overwhelming. What qualifications and skills do you look for in a contractor? How do you prepare for the project? Who can you trust?

Your search for the right contractor can create a lot of questions, but the process is easy once you’ve discovered the perfect person for the job.

Here are some tips on finding the contractor to build or work on your garage.

Do Your Research

Make sure you research any potential garage contractors. You can do this by getting recommendations from family and friends and reading company reviews online. Acquaintances can share firsthand experiences and often offer recommendations of reputable, qualified builders.

Narrow candidates down to two or three contractors. Ask them to provide written bids for your projects. Keep in mind that the lowest bid isn’t the best; that contractor could be leaving out costs including labor and materials.
When you do find a suitable candidate, ensure that their skill set matches your requirements for your garage. Have they successfully built garages similar in style and size to your expectations? If so, they are qualified to work on your project.

Cover Your Tracks

Your contractor should be licensed and insured, and you have every right to request to look at their contractor’s license and certificates of insurance. The same goes for subcontractors. Why is this important? Because in the unfortunate event of an accident or construction issues, you don’t want to be held liable. Most states require contractors to have insurance for workers’ compensation, property damage and personal liability.

To cover your tracks, make sure you get everything in writing. Verbal estimates or contract changes mean nothing and could lead to complications for you if you’re not careful. Ensure that the construction timeline is in writing, too, so that the contractor’s team is held accountable for a timely finish.

Establish a reasonable payment plan with your contractor and stick with it. Final payments should only be paid after the project’s completion and once you’re happy with the work.

Know What You Want & Be Informed

The more involved you are in the process, the better you’ll understand what’s going on. Know what you want in terms of plans and building materials so that you won’t feel confused or left out later on.

The right garage contractor will be an ally, so it’s important that you feel comfortable discussing your needs, concerns and expectations with your builder.


Call A-Shed USA for the Right Garage Contractor

Ready to find a garage contractor you can trust? At A-Shed USA, our knowledgeable and efficient contractors build quality custom garages in any size.

Call our office to speak with a project manager, who can meet you on site, discuss fees, explain city ordinances and more.

Signs You Need a New Storage Shed

5 Signs You Need a New Storage Shed

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A new storage shed purchased to replace a faulty or old shed will eliminate hassle in your life.

But how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your current setup to get something new? Consider these tell-tale signs.

1. You Need More Space

When you walk into your shed and look around, what do you see? Is it overcrowded and cluttered? Are shelves caving under the weight of tools, garden supplies and storage boxes? Are stored-away Christmas boxes now lining the closets inside your home because there’s no room in the shed?

If you’ve already cleaned the shed out once or twice in the past year and donated or sold unneeded items but you’re still struggling for space, it could be time for an upgrade. A bigger shed will provide more space for storing your things without feeling claustrophobic. It will eliminate the need for you to store items inside your home, too.

2. If You’re Dealing with Rotting Wood & Foundation Problems

Rotting wood and foundational issues are serious and should be addressed. Often, these problems lead shed owners to purchase something new.

How can you spot rotting wood? If your shed is rotting, the boards will become discolored, taking on a green hue. The boards will start shrinking. They’ll likely smell of mildew, even if it hasn’t rained recently. If more than a handful of boards are causing concern, contact a professional and consider purchasing a new structure.

Foundational issues are typically easy to spot, even from a distance. If your shed’s foundation is experiencing problems, it will lean toward one side. Over time the tilt will increase. If this happens, the situation is likely to be very dangerous — the shed could collapse. Unsecure foundations mean a shed isn’t accessible.

3. Is It Damaged or Leaking?

Has a storm destroyed the roof or a wall, and you’re tired of makeshift fixes that still end with trouble? Every time the weather changes, does your shed fill with water, snow, dead leaves and debris?

If so, maintenance sounds like a major headache, and it’s a responsibility you shouldn’t expect yourself to deal with indefinitely.

A new shed means less unnecessary work for you. Plus, your possessions will be safe from the elements.

4. When Insect Infestations Create Problems

Insect infestations cause a lot of damage. Carpenter ants, boring beetles and termites are some creatures that infest sheds. If damage is too bad and the wood becomes unsalvageable, chances are you need a new shed.

5. It’s Outdated and You’re Ready for a New Storage Shed

As trends go with houses, cars and fashion, your tastes may have changed and you want a different look, even if your old shed didn’t have any major problems.

So, if you’re ready for your new storage shed, call the team at A-Shed USA today!

Unique Benefits of a J-Series Custom Shed

Unique Benefits of a J-Series Custom Shed

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Choosing to purchase a custom shed gives you the freedom to dictate the details. This includes color, exterior and interior design, shape, size, materials and accessories. Classic storage sheds — which are also available custom-made — are efficient and durable, but if you want that extra stylish flair or personal touch, consider a J-Series custom-made shed from A-Shed USA.

When you choose A-Shed to create your custom shed, you get so much more than simple storage space. We provide the most budget-friendly and efficient construction process available. Every custom building lives up to its name, uniquely designed to your exact dimensions and style.

If you’re in the market for a new shed or upgrade, below are some reasons to consider a J-Series shed.

J-Series Sheds Are Fully Customizable

The J-Series goes one step further than the average custom shed by being fully customizable.

Some particularly imaginative J-Series structures have included weekend cabins, backyard offices, playhouses and more. So don’t hesitate to share your custom ideas with us — we want to hear your creative suggestions and design ideas so that we can make your dream shed a reality.

Aside from the customizations, why do customers choose J-Series sheds? The unique style doesn’t often end up looking like a shed, which is a huge plus for many style-conscious clients who aren’t thrilled with the idea of a barn-style shed in their backyard.

Additionally, people opt for these sheds because with the increase of the roof pitch and higher walls, these buildings have a much roomier feel to them. This means that when you’re inside, you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling many smaller sheds create.

Custom Sheds Provide More Accessories & Features

J-Series sheds are some of our most popular structures. Custom features like roof pitch, shingles, paint colors and exterior surfaces aren’t a problem for us.

J-Series sheds combine the most popular extra features requested by clients who want a budget-friendly package.

The package typically includes:

  • Taller walls and steeper trusses

  • Radiant barrier material in trusses

  • Coated flooring

  • Ridge venting

  • Larger boxed overhangs, eaves, and gables

  • Three configuration options

Additional customizable features and accessories include:

  • More venting options

  • Double doors (6 feet and 8 feet)

  • Windows available in other sizes

  • Ramps (8 by 30 inches)

  • Lofting (standard and drop)

  • Shelving (16 and 24 inches)

  • Many exterior options including brick, linoleum, shingles and more

A-Shed USA’s Guarantee

Our team of professional experts is ready to make your custom design a reality. Each structure we build comes with a 10-year warranty as a reminder of our loyalty. Call us today to get started!

Out-of-the-Box Shed Usage Ideas

Out-of-the-Box Shed Usage Ideas

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Storage sheds are only for storing equipment like lawnmowers, tools and garden supplies, right? The practical conclusion is that if you don’t own these things, then you probably don’t need a shed.

However, sheds are good for a variety of non-standard uses, and with some imagination, you can create an innovative space that would otherwise have never been an option — especially if you don’t have extra space inside your home.

Even if you already own a shed, consider the following transformative solutions if you’re looking for — or you’re open to — creative remodeling ideas.

An important note: Climate control is a necessary component for all the creative shed usage suggestions below. Not only is it imperative for your health and comfort, but if you store valuable items in your shed such as books, documents, paperwork, furniture, works of art, electronics, musical instruments, electronics and more, invest in appropriate climate control methods such as space heaters for winter and air conditioning units during summer months.

Transform Your Storage Shed into a Home Office

Do you work from home part time or full time? Or do you simply need a quiet weekend retreat in your backyard to take care of extra work or projects? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider turning your storage shed into an office. Set the space up according to your specific needs, and get to work!

Turn it into an Art or Music Studio

Alternatively, transform your storage shed into an office of a different sort. If you’re artistic but hindered by the lack of space in your home, why not turn your storage shed into a studio?

You can indulge just about any creative outlet in a private workspace. You can play, practice or record music; make pottery, paint, draw, write and more. Using your storage shed as an artist loft pays off financially, too, because now you don’t have to worry about renting space elsewhere.

Run a Small Business from Your Shed

While you may need to figure out a few legal and homeowners association logistics with this concept, if you’re a small-business owner or want to become one but don’t have the space, consider using your storage shed as home base.

Sell your art, baked goods, used books, homemade smoothies, handmade textiles and more from your shed. Clients will appreciate the rustic charm, and nothing says “local” like an artist or business owner selling quality goods from their own backyard.

Are you ready to upgrade your storage shed into a creative space or have a custom unit built to fit your artistic or business needs? Contact the trusted professionals at A-Shed USA to get started on your project!

Keep Your Shed from Getting Cluttered

4 Ways to Keep Your Shed from Getting Cluttered

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Keeping your shed from getting cluttered, like any form of maintenance, is all about staying motivated.

It’s easy to let things pile up, especially if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes you might toss tools or gardening supplies inside carelessly, planning to clean them up “later.”

For most of us, that “later” doesn’t happen until we realize we’ve got a full-scale cleaning project on our hands. To avoid that, we have some suggestions for keeping your shed organized.

Make Storage Bins & Shelves Your Best Friends

The key to staying organized is to have appropriate storage space.

Group smaller items together by theme. For example, consider keeping all your gardening supplies like fertilizer and soil in a storage bin, and place gardening tools in easy-to-reach places on shelves above.

Always try to put the items back in their places so you don’t have to waste time rummaging through the shed to track them down.

Keep the things you use the most toward the front of the shed, especially the smaller items, so you don’t have to climb over things every time you need them.

Once all the smaller items like tools have been stowed neatly away in bins or on shelves, then you’ll have plenty of leftover space for the big toys like lawnmowers and tractors. And when you have the area surrounding them mess-free, it makes getting the tractor out of the shed and cutting the grass feel a little less like a chore.

For Each New Item, Donate or Sell Another

Another way to keep your shed from getting cluttered is to make a pact with yourself: Within reason, for each new item you purchase, consider donating or selling something you already have.

You just bought a new tool kit and added it to your collection that’s 10 years old — but do you really still need that old kit?

By being conscious of your inventory and keeping track of what you’ve recently bought versus what could find a new home, you’ll succeed in keeping the shed from getting sloppy.

Seasonal Shed Clean-Outs

At the beginning or end of each season, a clean-out is a good way to stay on top of keeping your shed tidy.

Plus, an overhaul means more space for new projects in the coming months, which is convenient year-round.

Upgrade to Something Bigger

If you still find yourself struggling for space, maybe an upgrade is what you need. At A-Shed USA, we have dozens of shapes and designs to pick from. Give us a call today to find out more!

Choosing the Right Shed

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When it comes to choosing the right shed, there are a variety of factors to consider. These include budget concerns, space requirements and a few other practical but easy decisions like the importance of your new shed’s appearance.

Before you buy, take a look at our tips below!

Talking Budget

The first question to ask is, “What can I afford?”

The answer sets the scene for the entire project. If you’re in the market for a new shed, you’ll want to stick with what you can practically afford.

Smaller, compact options make sense for a tight budget. But if you have a little wiggle room, you can go big and tack on additional features and accessories.

Additionally, if the shed of your dreams is a little out of your budget’s comfort zone, consider saving up and waiting a year or so until you can afford the upgrade.

Keep in mind that at A-Shed USA, we care about our customers, and to take a load off your shoulders, all our prices include professional installation.

What’s the Practical Purpose of Your Shed?

Once you’ve got the budget squared away, now it’s time to move on to selecting the appropriate style. But in order to figure that out, you’ll need to know what purpose your shed will serve.

If your shed will primarily be used for storage, hobbies and projects, one of our durable ranch or barn styles could be perfect. That’s the case especially if you know you’ll be working on big projects or will need a room for large tools, machines and appliances.

For gardening, J-Series and YardMaster options are sleek and practical solutions.

How Important Are Aesthetics?

It might not seem so at first, but this is an important question to ask when you’re researching and shopping: Do you want something cute and appealing that will make your back yard look that much better? Or does a classic, rustic shed seem more your style?

What’s Your Space Situation?

The amount of space you’ll have in the yard is another factor to consider. If you have a small yard and value the green space, opt for a smaller shed. Likewise, if the yard is small but you don’t mind how much space the structure takes up, then go for something larger that will better suit your specific needs.

Remembering to be considerate of neighbors by not blocking any views or creating what could easily be an eyesore is a plus, too, especially if you’ll be working on noisy or messy projects.

Are you ready for your new shed? The team at A-Shed USA is here to help, so give us a call today!

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