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risks purchasing used sheds

Risks Present in Purchasing Used Sheds, Part 2

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In part one of this two-part blog, we discussed some of the primary issues that may come along with purchasing a used shed. These options may appear to be more affordable than new shed choices, but this often masks several areas of hidden costs that will crop up and change the arithmetic here significantly.

At A-Shed USA, we have a wide variety of high-quality storage sheds available, from our Ranch and Barn options to our J-Series and YardMaster choices. In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few of the other possible reasons why used sheds tend to carry more costs than their up-front price might indicate, and why it’s often best to consider newer options.

Shed Lifespan

We talked about the possible need for repairs on a used shed in part one of this series, and that’s a significant additional cost factor in many cases. But when we talk about overall lifespan, we’re speaking to a different area – that of basic long-term wear-and-tear.

Unfortunately, even the most durable shed materials will wear down over time due to the elements and natural causes. Repairs can slow this process, but they can’t stop it in the end. If you purchase a used shed that’s well along its path in this area, it might wear down and become useless far quicker than you expected, and even your best repair efforts might not make a difference.

Moving the Shed

Another potentially huge cost addition when purchasing a used shed is that of moving the shed to your property from the old one. For one, many older sheds simply aren’t structurally sound enough to be moved using normal processes, and may incur significant damage during the move that makes the purchase far less than worthwhile.

Even if the shed you’re buying is in good enough shape to be moved, moving it can come with a significant cost. Sheds are generally over-sized buildings, which means renting moving vehicles and other pieces of equipment that tend to come at a premium cost. And all this is without getting into the time and hassle spent dismantling certain areas of the shed to make it simpler to move, or hiring professionals to do this for you at a greater cost still.

Load Permits

Down similar lines, you may find that you incur even further costs based on local load permits. Many states and even certain municipalities within states require over-sized load permits for structures of a certain size, and these cost money and take time to acquire. Before trying to move a shed like this, ensure you’re following all local guidelines and won’t be dinged for failure to comply.

For more on why it can be risky to buy a used shed, or to learn about any of our storage sheds, garages or custom buildings, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

risks purchasing used sheds

Risks Present in Purchasing Used Sheds, Part 1

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At A-Shed USA, we’re proud of the quality of materials we use across all our products. Whether you’re buying a storage shed, garage or some other kind of custom building, our contractors only use the best materials available that will last you decades.

Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily get the same kind of quality guarantee when you purchase a used shed instead of one of our new options. Even if the shed appears to be in great shape from what you can see, there are several potential hidden costs involved that might raise not only the percentage of your budget spent, but also your stress levels due to future issues. This two-part blog will look at several of these possible hidden cost areas, and why buying new materials for your shed is generally the most cost-effective way to go.

Difficulty of Comparing Components

The first issue that you often run into in this realm is the trouble with comparing various products or components within the shed world. Different manufacturers make sheds in varying ways, and even some of those that make very similar products may use different terms or jargon for them that won’t be consistent across the industry.

Consider an area like pressure treatment on lumber, something that some manufacturers utilize and others do not. Simply by looking at a used shed, you won’t be able to tell whether floor joists or other important pieces are pressure treated or not – you also might not be able to see rot or other issues with the floor joists until you’ve already bought the shed and are hauling it away. This same theme applies to several potential areas that you may not realize until you’ve already made a bad purchase.

Possible Repairs Needed

In many cases, used sheds will be sold as-is – any issues that remain with them are the responsibility of the buyer. And even if you bring a knowledgeable person with you to such a sale to help you inspect the shed for any issues, there could be concerns even a keen eye doesn’t spot. Areas like potential rot or mold in unseen areas, animal damage, or various forms of corrosion often give off no visible signs until it’s too late, and once you buy the shed, you’re on the hook for all of these.

Reason for Sale

Another big question that often comes up during a used shed sale: Why is it being sold in the first place? You might run into occasional cases where a shed was purchased but then required a larger or differently-functioning replacement, but the majority of the time, sheds are being sold because there’s something wrong with them – and once again, once you make the purchase, any such issues are fully on you.

For more on why buying used sheds can be a risk, or to learn about any of our quality, durable shed options, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

maintenance for sheds

Basic Maintenance Tips for Sheds and Garages, Part 2

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In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the simple areas of shed or garage maintenance that all homeowners should consider. These easy, non-time-consuming tasks often add years of quality life to these structures, saving you money and hassle down the line.

At A-Shed USA, we’re happy to offer tips and expertise that will help you care for your storage shed in ways that will extend its lifespan far past our 10-year warranty. Let’s go over several other areas that are important for this kind of basic care and maintenance.

Blocking Rodents

Rodents and other small animals are always looking for shelter, warmth and food, especially during the colder Utah and Colorado winter months. One of the first places they’ll often look will be your shed, which can be easier to access than your home.

We recommend installing a basic rodent guard, which can usually be purchased at any home improvement store. These are usually made from wire mesh that protects from rodents while also allowing air to pass through.

Paint Concerns

Many think of paint on a shed as nothing but an aesthetic area, but this is very often not the case. Particularly for wood sheds, paint is vital for protecting the underlying surface from moisture and other potential elements.

If you ever notice peeling or cracking in your paint, it’s good to get to repainting as quickly as possible. Luckily, modern paint is very durable and regularly will last most of a decade before it even begins to peel. If your shed is exposed to significant wind, moisture or other elements, however, you should keep a careful eye out here.

Door Alignment

One of the more common physical issues with sheds over time is a problem with doors that won’t open and close properly. The most frequent cause of this issue is the shed’s foundation settling, which can throw doors out of alignment in some way.

If this happens to your shed, you can often see the alignment issue with the naked eye. If so, try jacking up the proper corner of the building (consider hiring professionals if you’re unsure how to do this) and adding a temporary shim to balance things out. In most cases, though, alignment won’t be an issue if you followed our first tip in part one of this blog and used a gravel pad for the shed’s foundation.

Water Runoff

We went over roofing in part one, and a related area that’s very important is ensuring your shed can properly drain water. Without gutters and properly-directed downspouts, water after storms will simple fall off the side of the roof and splash against the sides of the structure, risking major water damage and rot. Simply installing these pieces will stop this from happening and add years of life to the shed.

For more on caring for your shed, or to learn about any of our storage sheds, garages or other custom buildings, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

maintenance for sheds and garages

Basic Maintenance Tips for Sheds and Garages, Part 1

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At A-Shed USA, we’re happy to provide you with a wide variety of durable, quality storage sheds, garages and numerous other custom building formats. We use only the highest-quality materials for all our structures, and we offer a 10-year warranty that speaks to the care and dedication we put into every project we complete for you.

And while this warranty will always be good during that period of time, we’re quite confident our sheds and other structures will serve you for far longer than this if you take the right care and maintenance approaches – none of which are too difficult or time-consuming at all. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over several areas you should consider when it comes to maintaining your shed or other structure to keep it in tip-top shape for years.

Setting Considerations

One area of maintenance begins before you even have your new shed installed, and it’s one our team of builders is happy to assist you with: Ensuring the setting material and space is optimal. Particularly if you plan to install a wood floor in your shed, you’ll want to use a gravel pad that extends at least an inch or two further than your structure on the outside borders.

Why is this important? Well, as you’ll see in our next section, moisture might be the single largest risk to your shed’s long-term durability, especially if you use wood for any area. Using this kind of gravel setting separates the bottom of the shed from direct contact with moisture, plus also protects it from the growth of grass, weeds or other plant life.

Shed Floor Materials and Moisture

When moisture interacts with wood repeatedly and with frequent enough contact, the results often aren’t pretty. Water can warp and otherwise impact the shape of wood, plus decrease its practical and protective qualities significantly.

For this reason, wood floors need to be kept from major moisture exposure in the shed. Will your shed wear down immediately if you occasionally trek inside it with wet boots? Absolutely not. But if you’re regularly hosing down the walls, for instance, you’re risking major damage and repair costs. If you know moisture will be a common presence in the shed or garage, consider other flooring materials like pressure-treated options or concrete.

Dirt, Debris and Mulch

Once again, this is all about moisture. Some homeowners have a tendency to let dirt, mulch or other yard debris build up against the sides of the shed or garage – this will trap in moisture, however, and can lead to damage like rot. If this kind of thing happens naturally, due to wind or sloping concerns on your property, w recommend a retaining wall to keep this piling up from taking place.

Roof Concerns

Periodically, check the roof of your shed to ensure there isn’t moss growing on it. Some people think moss protects a roof, but this isn’t true – it actually just absorbs water and makes rot more likely due to pooling on the roof. We recommend removing all moss, plus leaves or other debris.

For more on how to care for your shed, or to learn about any of our shed options, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

converting shed kid’s playroom

Considerations for Converting a Shed to a Kid’s Playroom

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When you install a new shed on your home property, part of the value you’re receiving is the versatility of the product. Sheds have several common uses, but even beyond these can be utilized for a variety of practical or entertaining purposes.

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud to design sheds with several customizable options to allow you to use them however you see fit, whether we’re talking about our ranch sheds or any of our other durable shed options. One fun, useful way some parents have chosen to use their new shed? As a converted kid’s playroom, one where they can enjoy themselves away from the crowded home and also interact regularly with nature and the outdoors. Here are a few areas we can recommend considering if you’re thinking about converting a shed into a playroom.

Paint and Color

When it comes to the interior walls of the shed, consider painting them using a bright color, or even possibly chalk paint. This allows kids to draw and accessorize on the walls to hone their creativity. In addition, use a few safe hanging elements like hang-up cork to allow them to display their various crafts as they see fit.

Furniture Considerations

You don’t want this to just be an area where your kids go to sit around and be lazy – you want it to be one where they can be active and challenged. A good idea here is a small table and chairs, or similar furniture elements that create an actual workspace.

For smaller sheds, you might consider a workbench or a wall-mounted table of some kind, and there are plenty of options here that even fold up for easy storage. If you have the space, you might also consider a cubby bookshelf for some extra storage.


When it comes to lighting, you really have two choices: Run electrical wiring in, or consider outdoor LED lights with light-based timers. The former will be more expensive but will also provide far more robust lighting, while the latter will be more affordable but may slightly limit some activities for kids. Your choice here really just depends on preference.


We recommend adding softer flooring options in this kind of shed – carpet, area rugs, or even potentially soft foam tiles. Kids are prone to some aggressive activity, as we all know, and you want to keep things safe and simple for them here. In addition, all the elements we just listed above are relatively easy to clean.

Nature Elements

Your shed is outdoors, and you want to encourage your children to interact with nature as well. Consider adding flower boxes, bird feeders or other similar elements to either the inside or outside of the shed to keep them engaged and learning.

For more on turning your shed into a kid’s playroom, or to learn about any of the other wide range of uses for our sheds or new garages, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

new garages property value

How New Garages Add Property Value

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If you’re a savvy home or building owner, the value of your property is always something you’re considering in the back of your mind. Even if you aren’t looking to sell anytime in the near future, keeping an idea of what your home or building is worth is important for everything from equity concerns to taxes and other vital financial areas.

At A-Shed USA, we’re proud of the way several of our sheds and similar structures help add to the value of your home. One such structure, whether detached or attached to the home or building itself, is a new garage – we have a huge variety of options large and small here, and they’ll do far more than just increase your day-to-day convenience. Let’s go over how our garage builders can help add value to your property with a new garage installation.

Increasing Renovations and Upgrades

Over the last several years, more and more homeowners have begun to realize the value that various renovations and upgrades can add to their structures. A survey from 2018 showed that over half of all respondents had done some kind of upgrading or remodeling on their property just during that calendar year.

The primary goal with these kinds of upgrades is find great return on investment, or ROI. Essentially, based on market factors and what buyers prioritize, are your upgrades going to add additional value on top of what you pay for them? New garages regularly add a ton of this kind of value – our next two sections will help explain how this happens.

Price Per Square Foot

One of the largest single factors in the value of any property, particularly residential properties, is the price per square foot of the house. This value is determined by a specific formula – we won’t go into the entire thing here, but it suffices to say that the more practical square footage present on your property, the better its value.

And if nothing else, what does a new garage add? Practical square footage. A garage brings specific worth to the property in this manner, which directly improves your property value almost no matter what purpose you use it for.

Additional Space

On top of this, a new garage increases the storage space you have available on the property. Storage space is another highly desirable area for buyers, who can use it in a number of ways. Some people even go so far as to rent out their additional storage space, and this plus numerous other benefits make space a big value-add to the property.

For more on how a new garage can add premium value to your property on top of what you pay for it, or to learn about any of our sheds or garage services, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

important elements workshop shed

Important Elements in Workshop Shed Design

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Modern sheds are used for a great variety of purposes, even outside their traditional uses, and one great example here is those who turn a shed into a personal workshop. For those who regularly use tools for a number of different projects and need dedicated space to hone this creativity, shed installation can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

At A-Shed USA, we can provide you with several great shed options for a home workshop, including YardMaster sheds and several others. What are some of the most important elements you should consider as you plan and build out your personal workshop shed? Here are a few tips we can offer.

Lighting and Surface

Especially if you ever work at night or when there isn’t natural light outside, you’ll want to ensure you have proper lighting capabilities. You have a few options at your disposal here, from battery-operated devices to hooking up a power line. Many modern homeowners are also considering solar-powered devices for their workshop sheds.

Once you have your light set up, you need to ensure proper work space that’s well within lighting range. This space should be free of all tools or equipment, which should have their own dedicated storage areas (more on this in a moment).

Shelves and Storage

One strong recommendation we can make for a specific area of your workshop shed: Use rolling shelves instead of cabinets if you can. These will make your storage somewhat mobile without sacrificing any actual storage capabilities, and you can just roll the shelves back underneath your work surface anytime you need them out of the way.

Beyond this, plan out a basic storage format for your workshop. Tools you use most often should be the easiest to access, with a good idea here being to install hooks on a pegboard to keep your most common pieces of equipment. You might still consider cabinets for higher areas of storage – look for utility here first and foremost, as aesthetics aren’t quite as important in most cases.

Staining, Not Painting

If you do want to prioritize the visual element of your workshop, one piece of advice: Don’t waste your time with painting. While this kind of thing might work great for a man-cave or she-shed, a workshop is different because you’ll be doing lots of heavy work – work that will beat up paint and quickly cause it to scratch and chip.

Unless you’re prepared to re-paint fairly often, we recommend staining instead. This will help hide scratches and marks, and will also help protect your surfaces in general.

Personal Style

Finally, be sure to prioritize some of your own personal style and tastes into the workshop. This is a place to enjoy a hobby or craft, after all, and you should make the space your own in whatever ways you can.

For more on elements to consider with a workshop shed, or to learn about any of our shed services, speak to the staff at A-Shed USA today.

garden sheds popular

Why Garden Sheds Are So Popular

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There are many potential uses for sheds on one’s property, and one of the most common such uses is in the garden. There are so many ways you can utilize a quality shed in your garden, from utility reasons to storage and much more.

At A-Shed USA, we have a huge variety of storage sheds and other shed models for you to consider as an addition to your garden or property, from barn sheds to ranch sheds and several others. Not only can we help you with high-quality materials, we can also assist you with identifying and purchasing the perfect shed size and style to meet your needs and the needs of your entire household. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why garden storage sheds are so popular, plus perhaps give you a couple insider tips on how to maximize their benefits.

Equipment Storage and Organization

The primary benefit of a garden shed for many people, and perhaps their most common use, is for basic equipment storage. Keeping a clean and well-maintained garden requires a number of different tools and pieces of equipment, and some of these can occupy quite a bit of space. Many homeowners try to deal with this by storing them in various nooks and crannies throughout the property, such as in the garage, on the porch, or in the laundry room – but you could save yourself a great deal of hassle here by installing a garden shed.

Beyond just simply creating a place to put tools, though, a shed offers organization capabilities that likely weren’t available to you before. Not only are all your gardening tools in one place, sheds offer numerous convenient ways to keep them organized and maintain gardening efficiency at all times. Instead of rummaging around the crowded garage for half an hour looking for the equipment you need, you can just pull it from its dedicated storage area in the shed.

Extra Garage Space

Freeing up some of this space in areas like your garage makes gardening more convenient, but it also makes normal garage operations far smoother and more efficient. You’ll never have to deal with pesky issues like equipment blocking vehicles or interfering with garage door sensors, and can keep the garage free of clutter to carry out its primary purpose: Storing and protecting your vehicles.

Overflow Storage

Finally, even if it’s partially dedicated to storing and organizing gardening equipment, the garden shed can be perfect for various bits of overflow storage. You can consider a tall shed option with high shelves for long-term storage of items that don’t fit conveniently anywhere else, all while keeping lower and more accessible areas wide open for your day-to-day gardening tools.

For more on why a garden storage shed is so beneficial, or to learn about any of our quality sheds, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

proper garage size

Choosing Proper Garage Size

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At A-Shed USA, we’re here to provide you with everything you need when it comes to new garages. We have a huge variety of size and style options, and we also include garage doors, entry doors and all the other important elements with your installation.

We’ll also work with you to get a detailed picture of exactly what you need, and size is a common question area we get from those installing new garages. You may think deciding on the size of your new garage is as simple as choosing between one or two cars and moving on, but in reality there are several more factors that go into this process. Using the basic one-car garage as our example here, let’s go over some basics when it comes to choosing garage size.

Basic Space Needs

The absolute minimum size of a one-car garage will be 10 feet by 18 feet – but this is only if you’re looking to store virtually nothing but the vehicle itself in this space. For more normal space needs, we generally recommend at least 12×20 size, or perhaps more if needed. Also carefully consider overhead space, particularly if your vehicle is taller or has any tall elements to it.

Additional Space Options

In many cases, there are additional reasons why you might require some extra space in your garage. Maybe you’re looking to store a number of larger tools and similar items, such as lawnmowers, snowblowers or others. Or perhaps you have some other purpose in mind entirely for the garage space.

Achieving this will take a little more planning, but will be well worth it in the end. Be sure to measure your car or truck in advance to determine exactly how much space it’s taking up, then spend some time detailing how much additional space you need for your needs. Here are a few examples of one-car garage size themes, starting from the smallest possible and moving up to larger options:

  • Smart car: If you have a smart car or another very small vehicle, you might be able to fit it into the 10×18 size one-car garage we mentioned above – or even something slightly smaller. You’ll only have room for the vehicle itself and perhaps a shelf on the back wall.
  • Dutch style: Dutch style refers to one that offers more height than many other types, perfect for taller vehicles or other storage needs. Those looking for lofts in the garage regularly look to Dutch options.
  • Two-story options: To take the above even further, you can consider two-story options if you need a lot of storage space. It’s possible to even install stairways in these kinds of garages.
  • Double-wide: If you’re looking to store items like lawnmowers, bikes and others in the garage along with a vehicle, consider sizes like 20×24 – these can also be modified to two-car garages down the line if you need to, simply by installing two doors instead of one.

For more on choosing the right size for your garage, or to learn about any of our sheds, garages or other structures, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

property benefits new carport

Property Benefits of a New Carport

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For those who have them on their property, carports can be enormously beneficial. These structures, which are open-sided roof areas used store parked vehicles (including recreational vehicles in some cases), can either be attached to the side of the home or placed separately on a freestanding area of your property.

At A-Shed USA, we’re your go-to source for new garages, carports and all similar structures. Why are carports so beneficial for people in a variety of different situations? Let’s look at some of their more common uses, plus a few areas you may not have thought of when it comes to reasons why you might consider a carport on your property.


The primary benefit of a carport is storage and protection, both for vehicles and other items. Instead of having to park your car, truck, van or other vehicle out in the open, where it’s exposed to the elements like sun, rain, wind and hail, you can leave it protected in a more affordable format than a fully enclosed garage.

In addition, though, this storage can extend significantly. Many people are able to store recreational vehicles or boats and boat trailers in their carports, keeping them pristine and protected while they aren’t in active use.

Flooring Variety

In many garage or other storage situations, you need certain types of flooring to make things work. A home two-car garage, for instance, requires good concrete so it can be used for several purposes beyond just the simple storage of vehicles.

Carports, though, have no such requirements. They can very easily be installed over dirt, grass or gravel with no issues, and often help improve the aesthetic appearance of these areas. This is another area that can make installation far cheaper and simpler to accomplish than a traditional garage.

Customization and Design

There’s a lot of customization possible with carports, including several areas that help match it to the home and create a pleasing visual theme. It’s easy to match your roof tiles to the colors and formats used on the carport, and just as simple to paint the frame to match colors also. Through these kinds of design options, you get a carport that looks like a true part of the property, rather than something that looks like it was lazily added on later.

In addition, carports have several feature options that can be beneficial for protection or quality. Consider galvanized steel, for instance, or laser light sheeting.

Home Value

Finally, did you realize a carport may increase your home’s value by far more than what you spend to have it installed? A huge factor in home values is something called “curb appeal,” which speaks to the initial impression potential buyers get when they see the home for the very first time – elements like garages, driveways, window shutters, landscaping and any others that are part of this view are all important, and carports can be part of this equation also. If you’re considering selling anytime in the future, a carport might be beneficial.

For more on the benefits of a carport, or to learn about any of our quality sheds or new garages, speak to the pros at A-Shed USA today.

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