6 HOA Shed Restrictions to Be Aware Of 

HOA shed restrictions could get in your way when you’re planning a custom backyard storage shed. If you live in an area governed by a homeowners association, don’t get too far along in the build before checking the rules that all property owners must follow when erecting outdoor structures (or making any updates at all!) on their property.

Below are six potential HOA shed restrictions you might face during the build process.

Approval Process

Homeowners associations usually allow shed building, but only after an approval process. You will have to submit a plan, drawings and potentially even pictures of what it will look like before the build committee will approve the project.

Total Footprint

Your HOA rules likely have maximum dimensions spelled out. The concern about the “total footprint” typically comes down to its relation to your lot size. For example, many HOAs only allow sheds to cover a maximum of 1 percent of the lot.

Maximum Height

Height is another area under close watch by many HOAs. And it’s not just how high the roof reaches; they probably have regulations for the maximum height of the walls as well.


You may be limited in where you can place your new shed. Can it be visible from the street? Should it be set back a certain distance from the street? Does it have to be a specified distance from the property line?

These questions are important to consider in the planning process. You need to find a spot that’s convenient for you but doesn’t violate the rules. It’s nearly impossible to move a shed once it’s built without damaging it.

The Look

If you had to pick a category, you’d probably assume most of the rules governing shed building revolve around appearance. You’d be right! Many homeowners associations regulate the material used for siding — wood, aluminum or vinyl. They also have strict rules on roofing materials as well as slope. Colors matter too. You may have to paint it to match your home or you may have a specific palette of accent colors you can choose from.


If your property is governed by an HOA, your sheds will probably need to have a solid floor. This likely rules out many of the prefabricated sheds you’d purchase at a home improvement store, since you can’t depend on dirt or gravel as the base.

These HOA shed restrictions might not apply to your neighborhood, but you don’t want to find out after you’ve violated the code. Check in with your HOA before you begin the build and remember: A-Shed USA builds custom sheds to match any set of restrictions.

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