5 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations in Your Backyard Shed

It’s January — time to store those holiday decorations away until next Christmas.

This project is much less exciting than it was to unpack all the décor back in November and December when you were filled with holiday cheer. Now you’re on a holiday hangover, and you need to figure out how to pack each item so it stays intact and undamaged until the end of 2017.

But don’t just haphazardly shove all your items into your storage sheds. That might be what you feel like doing, just to be able to say you’ve completed the job, but you’ll be unhappy when you need to find your summer gardening tools and a box of holiday ornaments is in your way.

These five tips for storing holiday decorations in your backyard shed keep the entire space orderly and neat in the process:

  • Bag Your Artificial Tree

Here’s the top tip: Don’t reuse your artificial tree’s original box as its storage case. It’s awkward to handle and gets in the way, no matter where you put it. Instead, invest in an artificial tree storage bag. It has wheels so you can easily roll it where you need to put it. You can also hang it from the rafters of your storage shed, ensuring it stays secure and out of the way for the remainder of the year.

  • Put Used Wrapping Paper to Good Use

When you’re putting holiday decorations back in your storage shed, the jostling can easily break your most treasured family ornaments. If you have used wrapping paper, instead of throwing it away, crumple it up and use it to keep your ornaments safe. It’s a good use of material that would otherwise go to waste, and it helps you store your decorations without worry.

  • Wind Lights Before Storing

It’s so annoying to have to spend hours untangling strand after strand of holiday lights. Instead of stuffing them hurriedly into a bin to worry about next holiday season, wind each strand around a plastic wheel, or even a piece of cardboard.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration, and you’ll save space in your shed.

  • Group Bins by Category

When storing holiday decorations, group décor by whether it’s interior or exterior. Put all your outdoor lights, wreaths and garlands in one bin and label it clearly. When you start decorating next Christmas, you won’t have to look around, opening and closing bin after bin to find the supplies you’re looking for.

  • Use the Rafters or Loft

If you have a storage shed with upper-level space, use this area for holiday decorations. You won’t need them for almost a year, so it makes sense to store them in the farthest reaches of your shed.

Looking to create more space for storing holiday decorations? Talk to A-Shed USA about constructing a storage shed in your back yard and get back the space you want in your closets and basement.

Have questions about our sheds or garages? Contact A-Shed today for expert advice and excellent customer service.
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