Tall Barn Style Shed

Why is the Tall Barn Shed a great option for your next shed?
  • Loft Space — You simply can not get the volume of storage from any other roof/ceiling than the Gambrel style truss of the Barn. They are designed specifically with lofts in mind to allow storage above and not impact function below.
  • Wall Height — Optional lofts are installed above the 6’9” interior wall height leaving plenty of head room to move around freely under the loft and more room for storage. Taller people will appreciate not hitting their heads like in some of the other shed company’s barns.
  • Country Charm — Sometimes the barn is desired more for the look than the shear storage. Maybe you live out of the city. Maybe you are building a country themed landscape. Maybe YOU JUST WANT A BARN!
  • Function — Barns often times provide the feeling of two sheds for the price of one. Many people like the idea of having a storage shed and a play area for kids (Even if kid is defined as much older and possibly a spouse). They also work great for Hunting Shacks, Cabins, Workshops… anything you imagine.
  • Tall Item Storage — In the area where there is no loft or a loft is not used at all, the Tall Barn offers a very open volume ceiling where extra tall items can be sotred.
  • Fully customizable — A Tall Barn is as versatile as either of our Ranch Sheds. Most options are possible on Tall Barns as well as color choices (red looks great on a barn but it doesn’t HAVE to be RED).


A-Shed stays at the top of the shed building industry in materials and craftsmanship. Others may tell you that lesser materials or lesser quality is just fine for “Sheds” but DON’T believe it. We replace lesser sheds every year with the shed people wished they had purchased the first time. Think you may need to move or relocate your shed down the road? Trust us, we’ve moved our share and lesser sheds simply don’t measure up.

With the Ten Year Warranty we provide, we must use the best material and the best building practices. Any Size shed we build is permittable and exceeds building code requirements. We truly feel if there were better materials to use when building your shed or a better way to build it, we would already be using them or doing it.

All Shed's include:

  1. Heavy Duty 2”x6” 16 Gauge galvanized steel foundation (40 year warranty).
  2. Premium “Gold Board” tongue and groove floor material (25 year warranty).
  3. Oversize 4’x6’2” door with rigid steel powder coated frame.
  4. Fully integrated all metal keyed locking door handle w/hd steel latch.
  5. Diamond plate entry threshold.
  6. LP Smartside APA rated siding (50 year warranty).
  7. LP Smartside trim (50 year warranty).
  8. Architectural shingles (30 year warranty).
  9. Engineered 7/16 OSB roof decking.
  10. Baked Enamel drip edge.
  11. Double top plates on ALL 4 walls with interlocking corners.
  12. 2x4 Framing on 16” centers with IRC approved framing methods.
  13. Engineered roof rafters with pressed steel plate construction.


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